Chapter 121 : The Power Of Soul


「Mother, we’re home.」(Kai)

When we arrived at the village mayor’s house, the one who welcomed us was Sanmina’s mom. It looked like the village mayor and Sanmina’s dad had gone to the village square.

「Welcome home. Fufu, Mark-chan, I’ve heard about you~ Looks like you did something amazing. Please tell me in more detail later… Ara, Melmina is sleeping already? I will put her in the bed.」(Sanmina’s mom)

「Please. I will go to help with the banquet.」(Kai)

While saying that, Kai carefully handed Melmina who was sleeping on his back to Sanmina’s mom.

「I will take care of her tonight, so you can enjoy yourself after helping.」(Sanmina’s mom)

「Thank you, but are you sure? You will miss the banquet.」(Kai)

「It’s fine. Rather than drinking beer in the open, I prefer… Mark-chan, do you remember your promise?」(Sanmina’s mom)

Sanmina’s mom looked at me with sparkling eyes.

I remember I promised her to make a potion bath when I come to visit again.

「The bath, right? I will prepare it for you.」(Mark)

「Thank you! I will enjoy my bath after you and Nicola~」(Sanmina’s mom)

After saying so, Sanmina’s mom took Melmina to her bedroom.

Kai then went to the village square after seeing them off.




Nicola and I went to the same place where I built a bathhouse before which was a little away from the village mayor’s house.

Like always, first, I made a bathtub that was large enough for two people with earth magic. After that, I started making the walls.

While I was making the walls, Nicola used magic and started filling the bathtub with hot water.

「I want to get in as soon as possible, so you can leave the water to me.」(Nicola)


It was unusual that Nicola voluntarily helped me with making a bath.

I wish she always helped me like this, but I felt like I got better at magic because she always makes me do the work all by myself. I’m not sure if I should complain or not…

Just like last time, I only made walls without a roof so that we could see the moon while bathing.

I completed the bathhouse in no time because I was already used to it.

The last thing I had to do was to pour some potions into the bathtub. I normally only use E-grade potions for potion baths, but this time I also pour some D-grade potions as a reward for myself.

「Alright, it’s done. Let’s enter!」(Mark)

Nicola nodded, and then we started to take off our clothes.

After I made a basket with earth magic, we threw our clothes into it and jumped into the bathtub at the same time.

「Fwaaaahhh~ I can feel the fatigue in my body disappearing~」(Nicola)

「Huh? You didn’t even do anything.」(Mark)

「What are you talking about? I had been protecting Celine’s butt from the Tentacles the whole time, you know!」(Nicola)

「You were not even close to the shore though…」(Mark)

I sighed and looked at Nicola.

Hm? Wait a minute… Why can I see her chest?

「By the way, you’re not covering your chest and crotch with “God rays” this time? You know, your “It will disappear on blu-ray” or something.」(Mark)

She said that covering them would create scarcity value or something, but why is she not doing it now?

After I said that, Nicola drew her eyebrows together and looked at me suspiciously.

「What are you talking about? I’m now covering them. Oya, oya~? Onii-chan, do you want to see my naked body so badly that you start imagining things~?」(Nicola)

Saying that, Nicola raised her arms, making a sexy pose.

「You’re covering them? Hmm… Indeed I can barely see the flow of mana on your chest, but…」(Mark)

I stared at Nicola’s chest.

Certainly, I can tell that she is using her light magic, but for some reason, I still can see those “two pink dots” on her chest.

I’m not interested in them, but the fact that I can see through her light magic is bothering me.

「Hey, how long do you want to stare at my chest? …Don’t tell me….. You can really see them?」(Nicola)

Nicola lowered her arms and glared at me.

「That’s what I told you.」(Mark)

「Kyaa! Onii-chan, you pervert!」(Nicola)

Uwahh… What is this? An ecchi anime scene?

「Joke aside, I think I know the reason. Perhaps, after defeating the lord of the lake, you have become way stronger than you think. So strong that you can even see through my『It Will Disappear On Blu-ray』.」(Nicola)

「Does that mean I’m now more resistant to other people’s magic?」(Mark)

「Yup. Apparently, others’ spells won’t work on you unless they use a lot more mana. Aa-ahh… Your growth really gives me trouble.」(Nicola)

Nicola shook her head as she said that.

She then suddenly stood up in the bathtub and made a pose as if she was going to transform.


*/It’s obviously from Sailor Moon. Usagi Tsukino shouts like that before she transforms into Sailor Moon.

After Nicola shouted a familiar line that I had heard somewhere before, her whole body suddenly glowed in rainbow colors. It was so dazzling that I had to cover my eyes with my hands.

The next moment, Nicola, whose chest and crotch were blurred somehow, made a peace sign and looked at me with a smug face.

「Fufu~n, how’s it now?」(Nicola)

「Yeah, I can’t see them now.」(Mark)

Nicola nodded satisfactorily and soaked in the bathtub again.

「Aa-ahh, I’ve let you see my naked body for a moment. You’re such a lucky pervert. Well, I will consider it as my reward to you for defeating the lord of the lake. Be grateful.」(Nicola)

「Thank you, I guess…」(Mark)

I took my eyes off Nicola and looked up at the moon as I soaked my body in the bathtub even more up to my shoulder level.


We exhaled at the same time, enjoying the bath while watching the moon.

I’m glad that I gained the power from the lord’s soul after defeating it, but it was kind of sad that the first memorable event after I gained the new power was seeing my sister’s naked body…



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  1. I feel a little frustrated…annoyed…. IDK.. He “healed” her granddaughter, and then killed the monster ‘lord’ that has been bothering her village. Then she says something along the line of use 10+ gold coins on me. I know Mark doesn’t care, but still that is a bit bold of her…

    1. She doesn’t know the value of potions, I don’t even know if she knows he uses potions… Remember every Japanese MC loves to leave things implied and of course no one really understands

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