Chapter 5-33 : Dealing With The Client Ⅲ (part 1)


「Eh!? Sarasa-san, you’re making tea for the prince, right? Are you sure you want to use the cheapest tea leaves we have?」(Lorea)

I was preparing the tea while Lorea-chan was hurriedly making the cookie dough. She turned to me when she noticed me taking out the cheapest tea leaves we have from the drawer.

「Well, you see. He is a prince, so he always drinks expensive, high-quality tea, right? I want him to experience a new taste.」(Sarasa)

Because we always have tea almost every day, we have various tea leaves of various qualities. The one I bought from Daruna-san’s grocery store is the cheapest one, and the one I got from Master is the most expensive one.

The one I got from Master is quite popular in the royal capital, so Prince Ferik has probably gotten bored of it. Therefore, I think I should serve him the cheapest one, which he probably has never tasted before.

ーNo, it’s not because I don’t want to waste expensive tea leaves, of course… Not at all…

Oh, right! Perhaps I should serve him my homemade tea.

It’s a blend of normal tea leaves with the leaves of the local trees from the nearby forest. I usually drink it after meals.

He said he was interested in local cuisines, so I think he will like it.

「Forget about the cheap tea leaves, I will serve him my homemade local tea!」(Sarasa)

「I think that’s a good idea.」(Lorea)

「You think so? I thought you would disagree.」(Sarasa)

「The blend you make is a bit different from the one that the villagers here usually make, but I think it’s delicious.」(Lorea)

「Fufu. I’m glad you think so. By the way, how about the cookies?」(Sarasa)

「I’m thinking of making them as usual, but… Perhaps I should add more sugar. What do you think?」(Lorea)

「No, I don’t think you should change anything. Your cookies are already delicious with the usual recipe.」(Sarasa)

「Is that so? Thank you. I will make them like usual then~」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan looked somewhat happy when I said her usual cookies are delicious.

She continued making cookies while humming.

Knowing that she would serve the cookies to a prince, I thought she would be nervous and make some mistakes, but it looks like I don’t have to worry about that.

In the first place, I don’t think there’s a point in adding sugar to make them a little sweeter.

I’m not lying when I say Lorea-chan’s homemade cookies are delicious. I do think they taste great.

However, they are quite different from the expensive cookies that are made by professional pastry chefs and are usually sold in the royal capital.

I still remember the taste of the cookies I ate when I visited my senior, Priscilla-senpai, in her mansion when I was still at school.

They used ingredients that can’t be found in this remote area, so it’s very hard for Lorea-chan to make cookies exactly like the ones in the royal capital.

Well, she doesn’t need to make one. It was Prince Ferik who unreasonably demanded cookies, after all. He doesn’t have to eat them if he doesn’t like them.

I doubt he would hate Lorea-chan’s cookies, though.


◇    ◇    ◇


「Mmm~ It’s delicious. Not bad. Not bad at all.」(Ferik)

Prince Ferik’s impression after eating Lorea-chan’s cookies was great.

Lorea-chan made them, so of course they’re delicious!

It would be disrespectful of him if he said they were terrible. You say “Delicious!” when you eat something delicious, so I doubt Prince Ferik was lying.

「They taste quite different from the cookies I usually eat, but I like these ones.」(Ferik)

「I’m glad you like them.」(Sarasa)

It’s great that he likes Lorea-chan’s cookies, but the problem is will he leave after enjoying those cookies and tea…?

“Go home already! Go home already! Go home already!”

I stared at the prince while saying that in my mind, but whether he was ignoring me or he really didn’t feel anything from my gaze, Prince Ferik kept enjoying the cookies and tea with a calm face.

He even asked me to pour more tea into his cup… I have a feeling that he’s not going to leave soon…



He kept drinking tea and eating the cookies, while the only thing I could do was watch him in silence.

I know that Lorea-chan’s cookies are so delicious that he can’t stop eating them, but I want him to say something.

Sitting face-to-face with a prince without talking feels so awkward to me.

Ahh… Can someone do something about this heavy atmosphere…?

I really hope someone comes and breaks this awkwardness…

Iris-san… Kate-san… Customers… Anyone… Please…!

「Alchemist girl, I know you’re here! Get out and show me your face!」(man)

Uhh… I did hope someone would come, but judging from that crude yell, I don’t think they are a good person…

Fortunately, Lorea-chan is not currently at the counter. She is now resting in the kitchen.

She looked fine while she was making the cookies, but then she was exhausted mentally when she was done and realized that the one who would eat her cookies was a prince of this kingdom.

I’m the only one who can deal with the ‘guest’ who just came, but I can’t just leave Prince Ferik alone.

When I glanced at Prince Ferik, he smiled and turned his gaze toward the door connecting the drawing room with the shop floor.

「Don’t mind me. You can go.」(Ferik)

「Please, excuse me for a moment.」(Sarasa)

I quickly stood up from the sofa, bowed once to Prince Ferik, and left the drawing room.

As soon as I stepped into the shop floor, I saw Baronet Kirk and some of his men.

I squinted and sighed. I was kinda expecting it, actually.

This village is quite far from South Strugg. Normally, people won’t go back and forth from South Strugg to this village unless they are merchants like Daruna-san.

Does he have nothing else to do other than mess with me?



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  1. Prince must have been waiting for this moment, i bet his bodyguard will run inside and arrest those who “dare to assassin prince” or somthing like that.

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