Chapter 198 : Reforming My Prison Cell


「…What is this? A prison cell? It’s so terrible…」(Nicola)

「I, It’s not that bad, right?」(Mark)

After peeking into the house, Nicola turned to me and pointed her index finger at me.

「No. It IS that bad.」(Nicola)

「Ughh… But Ester will bring some flowers tomorrow. We can use them to decorate this house.」(Mark)

「I don’t think some flowers can make this gloomy room better though. For now, can you make it look a little more like a decent room? I don’t want to spend the night in a prison cell.」(Nicola)

Saying that, Nicola took off her shoes and entered the room.

She was complaining about my house but I can praise her for taking her shoes off without me asking.

「I can understand why you didn’t make windows. There are a lot of bugs in these woods after all. We can use your flashlight magic tool as the light source for now, and let’s use your electric fan magic tool as well. It’s a bit hot in here.」(Nicola)


I took out the magic tools that were similar to a flashlight and an electric fan that I bought from Tori-san the other day.

I turned on the flashlight and put out the light ball I created with magic, and then I put the electric-fan-like magic tool in a corner of the room.

As soon as I turned the fan on, Nicola brought her face to it and talked in front of it.

「Wehehe ahare ahalihiehens. Wehehe cahame toho cohonquhueher thehe ehearhth. (We are aliens. We came to conquer the earth.) 」(Nicola)

Somehow, you want to do that when there’s an electric fan in front of you. I can understand.

After playing with the fan for a while, Nicola turned her face to me.

「Onii-chan, we need a bathroom.」(Nicola)

「Ah, now that you mention it, I haven’t built it yet.」(Mark)

「Don’t tell me… You’re planning to make a toilet in a corner just like a prison cell…」(Nicola)

「Of course not! Enough with this prison cell joke! Anyway, I’ll build a bathroom, but… it will be so much trouble to take the waste later. We’re going to stay here for three months after all.」(Mark)

By the way, the town of Fatia is a big town that has a sewer system, so we use flush-type toilets in our house.

However, in smaller towns or villages like Secard Village and this Schultria Village, people use scoop-type toilets where you need to remove the piled waste from time to time.

「You can put the waste in your Item Box. Easy.」(Nicola)

「NO・ WAY.」(Mark)

「But everything in your Item Box has its own space, right?」(Nicola)

「I know, but imagine you store your food and your feces in the same box. That’s disgusting! Anyway, I will dig a hole as deep as possible so there will be more than enough space to hold three months’ worth of our waste.」(Mark)

「I see. You better build it now since we might want to go to the toilet at midnight.」(Nicola)

「Yeah, you’re right.」(Mark)

I went outside, dug a deep hole, and started making a bathroom.

After that, I made a bed for Nicola and reformed my house a little while listening to Nicola’s opinions.

I felt really tired after about an hour of modifying my house.

I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went to sleep after everything was done.




「…arkー ….Maarrkー It’s meー….」(?)

Hm…? Who’s that…? Is it morning already…?

I stretched my body and slowly opened my eyes.

I can’t tell what time it is because there’s no window, but I can tell that someone is knocking on my door while calling my name.

By the way, because the door was made of stone, it makes a dull sound when knocked.

I got up from my bed and hurriedly walked toward the entrance.

When I opened the door I saw Ester smiling at me.

「Good morning, Mark!」(Ester)

「Ah, Ester. Good morning.」(Mark)

She was holding a flower vase with both hands.

There were a few flowers that looked similar to white lilies in the vase. They are the same flowers as the garland on Ester’s hair, by the way.

「As promised, I brought you some flowers! What do you think?」(Ester)

「They look pretty. Thank you! You can come inside.」(Mark)


I received the vase from Ester and waited for her to take off her shoes.

The scent of the flowers was similar to the scent of Ester’s hair, but of course, the scent of the flowers was more intense.

I wonder where I should put this vase…

I think I will ask Nicola’s opinion later. For now, I’ll just put it on the table.

After Ester took off her shoes, I guided her inside.

「Hee~ Your house looks kinda different now.」(Ester)

「Yeah, I changed it a bit last night.」(Mark)

「So Nicola stayed the night here, huh?」(Ester)

「Yup. Wait a second. I’ll wake her up.」(Mark)

When Ester looked around, she found Nicola sleeping on the bed next to mine.

Last night, I asked Nicola if she wanted a private room, but she said she didn’t want it.

She told me to make this room as similar as possible to our room in our parent’s house.

I don’t know why she told me to do that but I guess she kinda misses our house.

The layout was the same, but none of the furniture was made of wood because I made everything with earth magic.

I put the vase on the table and approached Nicola, but when I was about to shake her shoulder, she talked to me with telepathy. It seemed that she was awake.

『Onii-chan, do you want to kill me?』(Nicola)


『If I wake up this early every day, I will eventually die!』(Nicola)

『Humans won’t die from just waking up early. Hurry up. Ester is waiting for you.』(Mark)

『What!? I can’t let a cute girl wait too long! Alright, I’ll wake up! I’ll wake up early for Ester!』(Nicola)

Nicola raised her upper body and yawned cutely on purpose.

「Fwaah~… Aa, Ester-chan, you came! Good morning!」(Nicola)

「Good morning, Nicola! Are you ready to work~?」(Ester)

When Ester asked that energetically, Nicola tried her hardest to answer with a smile.

「Y, Yes, of course!」(Nicola)

『Ahh~ She’s cute as always. From today on, I’ll try my best to make her want to be friends with me!』(Nicola)

She should have said, “I’ll do my best in my work and make my parents proud”, but it’s Nicola we’re talking about. There’s no way she would say that.

Well, if becoming Ester’s friend can be a motivation for her, then there’s no problem.

「Get up and change your clothes. Here.」(Mark)

Saying that, I took Nicola’s everyday clothes from my Item Box and handed them to her.

I also took out my clothes, but…

Ester kept looking at us with a bright smile on her face when I was about to change clothes.



I’m pretty sure she knows that I want to change clothes but she doesn’t look away.

Oh well…

She once saw me naked in the river, so it’s not a big deal anymore.

I changed my clothes while trying my best not to mind Ester’s gaze.

On the other hand, Nicola was grinning while changing clothes. I don’t know why but she looked somewhat excited for some reason.

After that, I took out a comb from my Item Box and gave it to Nicola.

After Nicola was done brushing her hair, I returned the comb to my Item Box, and we were ready to go.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s go.」(Mark)




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