Chapter 107 : The Real Angel


After a while, Grandpa finally woke up.

While still lying down on the floor, he stared at us with a vague look and muttered.

「Where is this…? Ahh… There are angels here, so is this the afterlife…? Dammit! If only I knew I would die this soon, I would have apologized to him… I’m sorry, Leona, Mark-tan, Nicola-tan… 」(Grandpa)

*/ -tan is the same as -chan but cuter


「I can’t just call the angels who have descended before me without honorifics, right?」(Grandpa)

「Umm… I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I don’t mind if you call me with “-tan”.」(Mark)

「Ahh, thank you very much… But… Why does heaven have a poor wooden ceiling…? Wait a minute… This is… This is my shop!?」(Grandpa)

Saying that, Grandpa raised his upper body and looked around.

It was tough for Nicola and me to move his body, so after he lost consciousness, we just let him lay down on the spot and looked after him for a while, but now he seemed to have completely regained his consciousness.

He removed the red stained cotton from his nose and stared at us.

「Uhh… did you hear everything I said…?」(Grandpa)

「Un. You said you want to apologize to “him”. You mean my dad, right?」(Mark)


As soon as I answered, Grandpa screamed, rushed toward a wall and slammed his head against it.

Gon! Gon! Gon! Gon!

Dust fell from the ceiling as he did that.

「G-Grandpa!? What are you doing!?」(Mark)

「Aaaahh! I wanna die! I wanna dieー! Now that I whined like that, I’ve already died as a man!」(Grandpa)

Gon! Gon! Gon! Gon! Gon! Gon!

「Grandpa, stop it! No matter how many times you hit your head against the wall, I can always heal you, so it’s pointless!」(Mark)

As Grandpa hit his head against the wall, I continued to cast recovery magic on him.

「Hiiiiiiiiiyyyy! I’m hitting my head against the wall as hard as I can but I don’t feel pain at all! It feels weird!」(Grandpa)

Even though he was very confused, Grandpa kept hitting his head against the wall while screaming.

「Then kill me! Please kill me with your earth magic, Mark-tan!」(Grandpa)

「What are you talking about!? There’s no way I can kill you!」(Mark)

Gon! Gon! Gon! Gon! Gon! Gon!

Grandpa kept hitting his head against the wall while saying that, and I kept casting recovery magic on him. After a while, Grandpa’s movements were gradually slowing down and eventually, he stopped.

He leaned his head against the wall while breathing heavily.

「Have you calmed down?」(Mark)

「Hahh… hahh…. Y, Yeah…」(Grandpa)

Grandpa looked at me as his face turned bright red.

「U, Umm…」(Grandpa)

「You don’t have to say anything, Grandpa. I won’t tell Dad about this.」(Mark)

「Yes, please don’t tell him… You might think I’m stubborn, but still… I can’t forgive that guy yet…」(Grandpa)

「But will you treat me and Nicola as your grandchildren from now on?」(Mark)

「Eh…? C, Can I? After I treated both of you badly all this time…?」(Grandpa)

「No, Grandpa. You didn’t treat us badly. You gave us snacks and expensive items, right? So thank you, Grandpa.」(Mark)

「Thank you, Ojii-chan~!」(Nicola)

When we thanked him while smiling at him, Grandpa showed us a relieved expression as if he had found an oasis in the desert.

「Ahh… Aaaahhh…! Sometimes, I heard about both of you from the neighbors, but Mark-tan, you’re really a smart, genius boy… and Nicola-tan, you’re as lovely as an angel… I have been blessed with these cute grandchildren, yet all this time I… I…! HuaaAAaAAaAaa!」(Grandpa)

Grandpa started writhing regretfully while holding his head.

It was quite unpleasant to see an old man with a blonde ponytail whitering like that.

He said he heard about us from his neighbors, but there’s no way he could find out about my earth magic and item box just by listening to neighbors talk. He even knew our shoe sizes even though he never measured our feet.

He must be very good at stalking… I’m just glad that he’s not a bad person…

Actually, Mom and Dad made lunch boxes for us and entrusted them to me before I left home.

I still feel anxious, but now that Grandpa has calmed down, perhaps this is the right time to ask him to have lunch together.

「Grandpa, I think your forehead will be okay since I kept healing you, but you need to rest just in case. Let’s eat lunch together. I brought food for us.」(Mark)

「…Is that Jean’s cooking…?」(Grandpa)

Grandpa’s face became tense.

Looks like he really doesn’t want to eat Dad’s dishes.

Suddenly, Nicola stepped forward and smiled at Grandpa.

「Mama helped make it too, so let’s eat together, Ojii-chan!」(Nicola)


Unable to resist Nicola’s angelic smile, Grandpa immediately replied and smiled back and Nicola.

Good one, Nicola!


After that, Grandpa guided us to the living space in the back of the shop.

There was a staircase leading to both the basement and the second floor.

It seemed that the basement was used as the workshop and the warehouse, and the second floor was the dwelling. Mom’s bedroom was probably on the second floor.

Grandpa took us to a room in the back of the living space that seemed to be the dining kitchen. It had a small kitchen and a rather large table.

As expected of the living space of an old man who lives alone. There were no decorations here.

Honestly, it’s a bit lonely.

While imagining Grandpa eating meals by himself at this large table every day, I was hoping that he could make up with Dad soon.


After Grandpa, Nicola and I sat at the dining table, I took out the lunch boxes made by Dad and Mom from my item box.

As I did that, Grandpa looked at my item box with shining eyes.

「Whoaaー! This is the first time I’ve seen it up close, but Mark-tan’s item box is really amazing! That’s my grandson for you!」(Grandpa)

I knew it. So he has seen me using item box from a distance without me noticing.

After I took out all the lunch boxes, I handed Grandpa the one that was made especially for him.

When he opened the cloth covering his lunch box, he found a letter saying, “To Dad”. Looks like it was a letter from Mom to Grandpa.

Without saying anything, Grandpa spread the letter and started reading it, and after he finished reading the letter, Grandpa looked at us and laughed with a shy face.

Well, it’s Mom we’re talking about. She must have predicted that we would end up eating together like this.

Even though I didn’t read the letter, I felt like I knew the content just by looking at Grandpa’s face.

「Alright, let’s eat. According to this letter, it looks like Leona can cook now. I never thought my daughter would be able to cook. She must have been practicing really hard… Among the food she made, the one she recommended the most is this black dumpling. Hmm… It looks weird but I’m eating this anyway.」(Grandpa)

Grandpa stabbed the black dumpling in the corner of his lunch box with a fork and brought it to his mouth.

Wait a second… I’ve seen food with that color before…

Oh, right! There’s only one food with black color that is even darker than darkness itself! The devil fruit, Dogyunzer!

But by the time I noticed it, it was too late.

Grandpa had already started chewing the dumpling inside his mouth.

「ーーHngg! Guaaaaaahhー!」(Grandpa)

After a moment, he shouted, fell off his chair and passed out again.



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