Chapter 4-12 : Anti-Magic Burst (part 1)


Mylia took Chloe to the area near the Southern City of Hamanulle with Teleportation Magic.

From there, they planned to fly to the designated area where there seemed to be a herd of griffons.

Mylia took out the carpet that she once used to fly with Jasmine a while ago from her magic bag.

She then stretched her arms toward the carpet and applied Gravity Magic to it to make it float in the air.

She then got onto the carpet and stuck out her hand toward Chloe.

「Onee-chan, grab my hand.」(Mylia)

「Thank you, Mylia.」(Chloe)

Chloe held Mylia’s hand tightly and pulled it as she got onto the carpet.

After that, Mylia put a magical barrier around the carpet to protect them from the wind and then they started flying above the forest east of Hamanulle.

「Onee-chan, are you alright?」(Mylia)

「I’m feeling fantastic!」(Chloe)

「That’s great!」(Mylia)

Chloe stuck out her head and looked down at the forest that spread beyond her sight.

When she glanced south, she could see the small town of Hamanulle, but after a while, the view was blocked by the forest and disappeared.

「Hee… Even though the designated area looked close to Hamanulle on the map, it’s actually quite far in reality, I see.」(Chloe)

「This kingdom is quite big after all. Ah, talking about maps, there’s something I want to try.」(Mylia)


Mylia sat cross-legged, took her map out from her magic bag, and spread it on the flying carpet.

She then imagined a scanner that was scanning the map as she manipulated her magical power and then activated her Hologram Magic.

Soon after, a 3D holographic image of the map appeared above it as if it was floating in the air.

「I did it!」(Mylia)

Mylia once used a similar spell before when she tried to figure out the magic formula of Daemon’s Map a while ago, but this was the first time she tried it on a regular map.

「Whoa… This spell is so convenient. You surprise me with your extraordinary magic ability as always.」(Chloe)

While saying that, Chloe stroked Mylia’s head and smiled.

「Hehe~ It would have been nice if Onee-chan could use magic too…」(Mylia)

「But, as you know. I don’t have an aptitude for magic.」(Chloe)

「Hmm… I wonder if I can do something about it… For example, making magic tools that you can use, maybe?」(Mylia)

「Fufu. You can try, but please don’t push yourself too hard, okay?」(Chloe)


Chloe reminded Mylia thinking that she might do something unusual again.

While they were enjoying their flight as they observed the 3D map, a Dabola flew toward them at high speed, trying to attack them.

It seemed that the bird had mistaken Mylia and Chloe on the carpet for some kind of weird monster who was trying to seize its territory.

「Aa, Dabola-chan! Onee-chan, don’t worry. I’ll handle it!」(Mylia)

「A, Alright.」(Chloe)

Chloe bent down and covered her head with her arms.

「Wind Blade!」(Mylia)

Mylia then quickly cast Wind Blade on the Dabola and cut its neck. Right after, she cast Gravity Magic on the dead bird, slowly brought it closer, and then put it in her magic bag.

(I feel like Dabolas keep appearing everywhere… Well, it’s good for me ‘cause I can stock up Dabola meat in my magic bag.)

People who could hunt Dabolas by themself were rare.

Normally, it would take a lot of preparation and a large number of people to hunt a Dabola.

Dabolas are aggressive and dangerous monsters, so when you spot them flying in the air above you, you will usually hide and wait until they are far enough away from you.

It was said that the air superiority in the southern regions was held by Dabolas.

「Mylia, have you killed it?」(Chloe)

「Un. I’ve killed it. Let’s make grilled Dabola meat later! Ah, but before that, we should make the skewers first.」(Mylia)

「Fufu. You look so excited.」(Chloe)

「It’s because I love Dabola meat!」(Mylia)

「Me too.」(Chloe)




After flying for about fifteen minutes, Chloe, who had been keeping her eyes on the 3D map, warned Mylia.

「Mylia, it seems like we’ll reach the location soon.」(Chloe)

Mylia then stuck out her head and looked at the terrain below.

She spotted the large rock which was a landmark of the area that was drawn on the map.

「You’re right. I think we should stop for now.」(Mylia)

Mylia stopped the flying carpet from moving forward and let it keep floating in the air while she was checking the area with Clairvoyance.

(Hmm… I don’t sense any danger around here…)

After confirming that the area was safe, Mylia reduced the altitude of the flying carpet a little until they could see the ground clearly.

「It looked all green from the sky but this area is actually quite rocky.」(Mylia)

「You’re right. There’re a lot of rocks here.」(Chloe)

「Onee-chan, I’m going to try searching for the griffons with Clairvoyance once again.」(Mylia)

「Then you better try to find a water source this time. I heard that griffons like to bathe.」(Chloe)

「Roger that.」(Mylia)

Mylia once again searched around the area with Clairvoyance.

(A water source… Maybe there’s a river or a lake around here… Hmm…)

Mylia kept moving her sight through the gap in the trees.

Not long after, she spotted a small river about fifty centimeters wide. She decided to follow the river and found a large pond at the end of it.

「Onee-chan, I found a pond!」(Mylia)

「Well done! Let’s go there.」(Chloe)

Mylia stopped using Clairvoyance and started controlling the flying carpet to move, heading for the pond.



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