Chapter 3-37 : Shameless Woman


While holding Chris’ arm and smirking at the female guests, Robin walked through the hallway.

Robin was pressing her chest against Chris’ arm but Chris was only smiling at the other guests without minding it at all.

They were heading for the seats for honored guests where Mylia and Chloe were sitting.

(Here they come! I feel bad for Aria-san’s big brother but I’m grateful to him for bringing that woman just as planned.)

When Mylia glanced at Chloe who was sitting next to her, Chloe nodded as if she understood what Mylia was trying to say.

Since Robin still thought that Mylia was an absent-minded girl, she planned to act like one for a while. She would reveal her true personality to Robin later to surprise her.

(Alright. Now all I have to do is to act stupid and stay quiet.)

Mylia tried her best not to smirk when she saw Robin walking confidently in the high heels she made.

At first glance, the magic stones embedded in the high heels looked just like jewels, so the high heels didn’t look weird at all.

Mylia concentrated her magical power in her eyes and looked at the high heels. She was relieved after confirming that the GPS function and the engine were all good.

(Nice. Seems like they are ready to send that woman flying to the Atwood Territory anytime.)

「That woman… Isn’t she a commoner?」
「If I’m not mistaken, her name is Robilya, a relative of the Atwood Family. Yeah, she’s basically a commoner.」
「Why does Chris-sama want to escort that low-born woman?」
「Well, it’s because Chris-sama is a gentleman who doesn’t judge people by their social status.」
「That’s Chris-sama for you. I bet that woman is just taking advantage of his kindness.」(female guests)

The jealous female guests were whispering to each other as they saw Robin walk with Chris.

「Hey, be quiet! You don’t want Lady Mylia to hear that.」
「That woman is Lady Mylia’s cousin, right? You will make her angry if you are rude to that woman.」(guests)

On the other hand, the nobles who wanted to get closer to Mylia refrained from talking about the relationship between Robin and Chris.

It seemed that Robin was successfully pretending to be someone named Robilya.

When Robin and Chris reached the seats for the honored guests, Chris gently took Robin’s hand off his arm, put his hand on his chest, and elegantly bowed to Mylia and Chloe.

「Lady Mylia, Lady Chloe, congratulations on your ennoblement.」(Chris)

He then smiled at Mylia.

When he smiled, he looked somewhat excited for some reason.

(Chris-san really looks like a handsome male main character in a shoujo manga, but he seems to like to prank people. I remember he looked so excited when we told him our plan.)

When Mylia and the others told Chris about their plan, he smirked mischievously. He then gladly accepted the role of Robin’s escort.

After Chris was done greeting them, Robin raised her chin and smiled at Mylia and Chloe.

「Mylia, Chloe~ Your beloved cousin has arrived~ Yes, I’m your beloved cousin, Robilya. RO-BI-LY-A.」(Robin)

(You don’t need to say it twice!)

Robin tried to convince Mylia that she wasn’t Robin. She even tried to make Chloe play along.


Mylia, who had switched into the absent-minded mode, replied just like that.

「Fufu. I can’t believe that my cute little cousin is a noble now~ Congratulations!」(Robin)

Acting like a cheerful kind woman, Robin tried to show Chris that she was close to Mylia.

She then turned her gaze to Chloe.

「Chloe, you too. Congratulations on your ennoblement!」(Robin)

「Thank you, Robi… lya onee-sama… And thank you for coming…」(Chloe)

Chloe replied with a forced smile.

「Ara, Chloe, look at you! You look so beautiful in that dress! Why don’t you go hunt for some men~?」(Robin)

As she said that, Robin glanced at Chloe’s cleavage with an envious gaze as if saying, “Those breasts are unfair!”

「Hunting for men? Fufu. No, I’m not Robin onee-sama. Ah, speaking of Robin onee-sama, I remember people in the village once said that you and Robin onee-sama are very similar to each other. I wonder why.」(Chloe)

「Ara, there’s no way I’m similar to that divorced cheater woman. As always, it seems like you’re still bad at joking. Fufu.」(Robin)

「Yeah, you’re right. Unlike her, it seems like you’re always kind to Jasmine onee-sama and Mylia. I’ve never seen you treat them with good care though~」(Chloe)

「O, Ohoho~ Chloe, you really are bad at joking, it seems.」(Robin)

「Joking, huh…?」(Chloe)

Saying that, Chloe smirked and snorted. She then glared at Robin with a serious expression.

「You know, I’ve heard that when people lie, they tend to glance up and right. Please be careful.」(Chloe)

「H, Huh? I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me.」(Robin)

「Don’t worry. It’s not that I want you to understand. After all, I know that you have a small brain. Even smaller than the absent-minded Mylia’s, I suppose.」(Chloe)

「Wha!? You littleー! …A, Ahem!」(Robin)

Robin almost lost her temper.

She immediately pretended to clear her throat, glanced at Chris for a second, and then bent her body forward, bringing her face closer to Chloe’s.

「If you reveal my identity, you know what I’m gonna do to you and Mylia, right? So you better keep your mouth shut!」(Robin)

(Hiiiiiiyyyy!!! It’s been a while since the last time I saw her ‘Hannya’ face!)

Mylia was scared when she saw Robin’s face which looked like a female demon’s when she whispered to Chloe.

Unlike Mylia, Chloe was able to stay calm even when Robin’s frightening face was only a couple of inches away from her face.

「Aa-ahh~ It’s too bad that I don’t have proof that you are Robin, so I can’t really say anything about that.」(Chloe)


Thinking that Chloe really didn’t have any evidence to reveal her true identity to people, Robin brought her face away from Chloe and turned her gaze to Chris.

「Pardon me, Chris-sama. We were just talking about secrets between women. Fufu.」(Robin)

「Don’t worry about it. I can understand. Women have a lot of secrets after all.」(Chris)

Saying that, Chris glanced at Mylia. Mylia then nodded at him, giving him some kind of signal.

「Ah, Miss Robilya, I’m sorry. Can I leave you alone for a while? I want to speak with Count Bacon Saint Germaine over there.」(Chris)

「If that’s the case, I’m going with you.」(Robin)

「No, you can’t. The thing is, I want to have a man-to-man talk with him.」(Chris)

「Is that so? But I’m interested in conversations between men! I’m on good terms with my father, so I think I can keep up with the topics. Chris-sama, can’t I~?」(Robin)

Robin asked with a fake cute voice as she put her hands on her chest and glanced up cutely at Chris.

(Ugh… I thought I was gonna throw up for a second… Can’t she tell that Chris-san wants her to leave him alone? What an annoying woman…)

Mylia’s cheek muscles twitched as she saw Robin’s disgusting behavior.

「I like ladies who listen to what people say, but… Aa-ahh, it’s too bad that Miss Robilya doesn’t seem to be that kind of lady.」(Chris)

「Eh? N-No, I’m… Umm…」(Robin)

「So, would you be a good lady and wait for me? Don’t worry, I will return to you as soon as possible.」(Chris)

While saying that, Chris smiled delightfully at Robin.

Seeing his charming smile, Robin couldn’t help but obey him.

「A, Alright then… I’ll be waiting for you, Chris-sama.」(Robin)

Robin then replied as her face turned bright red.

(Whoaa… As expected from a hot young man! He’s able to tame this ferocious woman with only his smile!)

Mylia was applauding Chris in her head.

「Oh? Miss Robilya, it seems that there are people who want to talk to you. I better give them a chance.」(Chris)

As he said that, Chris glanced at the group of unmarried men who looked at Robin with passionate gazes.

「You’re right. Alright, I will talk to them, but…」(Robin)

Saying that, Robin stepped closer to Chris and grabbed his hand.

「Please pick me up later, okay?」(Robin)

「I will.」(Chris)

Seeing Robin who acted as if she was Chris’ girlfriend or something, Mylia and Chloe looked at each other, glanced upwards, and stuck their tongues out, making disgusted faces.

They were really in sync when it came to mocking Robin behind her back.

After that, Chris approached Count Bacon and began to chat with him while Robin became the center of the crowd of bachelors near the corner of the hall.




The number of couples dancing in the center of the hall began to increase after the music changed, making the atmosphere in the venue more lively.

After a while, the music stopped, and a man in a black tuxedo who seemed to be the manager of the Lapis Lazuli Garden appeared and stood in the center of the hall, drawing people’s attention.

「Ladies and gentlemen, I’m terribly sorry for interrupting the party, but I would like to introduce you to our mystery guest of honor. She is a relative of the host of this party, Baron Mylia de la Atwood. Please welcome… Miss Jasmine!」(manager)

(Oh! Jasmine onee-sama is finally making an appearance!)



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  1. Lol I can see it now as soon as jasmine makes her appearance all those Horndogs surrounding Robin are gonna leave her like moldy meat and surround Jasmine while wagging their tails like the Horndogs they are much to Robin’s Sweet Savory shame! Ohh I can already taste the shame and indignation and I’m certain it’s gonna be sweet as honey!🤤

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    1. Well, she IS a Baroness’ Eldest daughter while Robilya is just a commoner. And everyone crowds the people who are valuable or are somebody. Including tons of people with ulterior motives. I should know since I was the top Computer Science student back in college as well as the top Mathematics student since kindergarten. It’s really annoying but you have to put up with it.

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