Chapter 3-22 : One Thousand Two Hundred And Sixty


After learning about Robin, the lord of the Darelias Family, Diete, looked down and frowned. He seemed to feel responsible for giving Robin the opportunity to go to the royal capital.

「I want to collect as much evidence as possible, so can you summon the knight who brought Robin here to the royal capital?」(Chloe)

「Alright. Gilbert.」(Diete)

Gilbert nodded to his father, picked up the bell on the small table next to his seat and rang it.

Soon after, a maid entered the room. After Gilbert whispered to the maid, she then immediately walked out of the room.

A while after, the knight, Will, entered the room.

He was a fearless young man who seemed to be in his late twenties. He was extremely skilled in combat and could traverse monster territory easily when he went to the Atwood’s mansion to bring the engagement request letter from the Darelias Family.

The moment he saw two people from Duke Griffith’s family, Aria and Elizabeth, he thought that the reason why he was called must be to talk about a serious matter.

He bowed deeply toward the three ladies and turned his gaze toward Diete and Gilbert.

「Diete-sama, Gilbert-sama, did you call me?」(Will)

「Yes. This lady, Baronet Chloe de la Atwood, wants to ask you about Miss Robin who you brought here to the royal capital.」(Diete)

As Diete said that, Will turned his gaze to Chloe and wondered if the little lady he was looking at was really a Baronet.

However, he thought that there was no way Diete would lie. He greeted Chloe with a bow.

「Lady Chloe, my name is Will. You can ask me anything.」(Will)

「Thank you, Will-sama. I just want to ask you one thing. What did Robin say to you so that you would take her to the royal capital?」(Chloe)

Remembering Robin’s face, Will frowned for a second.

「Miss Robin said that she wanted to learn more about the Darelias Family. If they were good people, she didn’t mind marrying her sister, Jasmine, to their second son.」(Will)

「I see.」(Chloe)

「She also said that she was close to her sister, Mylia, the rumored Dragon Slayer, so she could introduce her to the Darelias Family if I took her to the royal capital.」(Will)

「She’s clever as usual…」(Chloe)

Seeing Chloe’s serious face and Diete who was looking down while frowning, Will was confused. He was wondering what was up with Robin.

Noticing Will’s confused face, Gilbert took the initiative to tell him everything he heard from Chloe about Robin.

「”Landmine woman”…? Wha… What have I done…」(Will)

Will was shocked when he learned about Robin.

「I, I’m terribly sorry…! I didn’t know that… that woman was such a cunning, wicked human being…! I’m ashamed of myself for listening to her! I never thought she would make use of the engagement letter for her own sake… I brought trouble to Miss Dragon Slayer, because I brought that woman here to the royal capital… Khh!」(Will)

Will lowered his head and clenched his fists tightly.

「Judging from that woman’s attitude, I knew that she wasn’t a good person. During the trip, she always ordered me and my subordinates around. She refused to camp outside and said that she could only sleep in a clean and nice inn. Moreover, she ordered the most expensive food and drink when we ate in a dining hall. She was so damn annoying…! The moment we arrived at the royal capital, she went to an inn, saying that she was tired and wanted to get some rest. She left without even saying “thank you”. What an ungrateful person! She treated us knights as if we were her servants!」(Will)

Now that he learned that Robin was really a terrible woman who took advantage of other people, Will couldn’t help but feel extremely mad at her.

He tightened his face and grit his teeth, making an angry expression, but then he realized that he was in front of important people.

He relaxed his face and bowed apologetically.

「Pa, Pardon me… By the way, Diete-sama, has that woman visited you? I told Gilbert-sama which inn she is staying at just in case.」(Will)

「No, not even once.」(Diete)

「I’ve sent my servant several times to guide her to our home but she always refused to come, telling my servant that she needed more time because she had so many things to prepare.」(Gilbert)

「”She had so many things to prepare”…?」(Chloe)

Chloe put her index finger and thumb on her chin and thought.

「She was definitely lying. I think Robin was afraid her face would be seen by Diete-sama or Gilbert-sama because it would make it harder for her to fake her identity and take advantage of the engagement letter you sent.」(Chloe)

Chloe calmly took a guess why Robin tried to avoid the Darelias Family.

「I see…」(Diete)

「You don’t have to worry. No matter how clever that woman is, her plan is full of holes.」(Chloe)

After saying that, Chloe took out a thick bundle of invoices from her bag.

Diete was a bit surprised to see so many invoices.

「Lord Darelias, would you take a look at this?」(Chloe)

「Don’t tell me… Those are…」(Diete)

「Invoices made for Robin’s purchases. There are twenty invoices with the name of the Darelias Family in them.」(Chloe)

「Khh…! If I knew she was a cunning woman, I shouldn’t have let her use my name…! She told my messenger that she wanted to buy Miss Jasmine a good dress and jewelry before she could introduce her to us. She said that Miss Mylia would pay, and I believed that because she said she was close to her. Therefore, I gave her a letter saying that she came to the shop on my family’s behalf without giving it much thought…」(Diete)

After saying that, Diete held his head with both hands.

What’s done is done. He deeply regretted his decision.

「I’m sorry… It was all my fault. That woman completely fooled me…」(Diete)


Diete raised his head and looked apologetically at Chloe.

「Lady Chloe, what did Miss Dragon Slayer say about this? …I bet she was mad at me…」(Diete)

「No, she wasn’t. My beloved sister, Mylia, is a kind-hearted girl. For the time being, she would pay all the invoices because she didn’t want to trouble the shop owners and the other people who got involved.」(Chloe)

「What a big-hearted person… By the way, may I ask how much the total bill on those invoices is?」(Diete)

「It’s one thousand two hundred and sixty gold coins.」(Chloe)

After hearing that number, Diete couldn’t help but open his mouth widely in shock.



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      1. They’re called the Stocks (so that anyone can throw stones,etc., and basically do whatever they want to you to make an example of you). The Gallows are for hanging. The Guillotine is for slicing your head off.

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      1. If you thnk men don’t cheat in that universe then you are an idiot. Men are free to hang multiple wives and concubines but a woman is supposed to be quite. Robin is a huge piece of shite but don’t bring gender into the mix. Humans suck regardless of their gender.

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    Also this is really just drilling in the foolishness of an elaborate plan instead of having her arrested immediately. She’s spent around a million dollars in just the few days she’s been in the capital. How much more are they going to let her spend before they stop her?

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    I think Chloe is right that they should pay first to not inconvenience the stores and not get bad reputations, but I think the Darelias family should then pay the full amount as fees for angring the Dragon slayer

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