Chapter 3-19 : Jasmine’s Eyesight


「Jasmine onee-sama, before we go to the royal capital, do you mind if I stop by the forest?」(Mylia)

「The forest? Why do you want to go there?」(Jasmine)

「You’ll see~」(Mylia)

While still hugging each other, flying in the sky, the two lowered their altitude and entered the forest.

They then stopped in front of Titania’s house.

「Welcome back~」(Titania)

Titania, who was working on the high heels / rocket engine, stood up and smiled when she saw Mylia and Jasmine.

She turned the table she used to have meals with Mylia earlier into a workbench.

There were some magic stones embedded in the high heels placed on the table. Her work seemed to have progressed really well.

「Master, I’m back!」(Mylia)


「Ah, Jasmine onee-sama, I’ll get us down. Please be careful.」(Mylia)

They slowly descended, and when their feet touched the ground, Mylia gently let go of Jasmine.

「Mylia, your Wasabi Magic was a masterpiece! I laughed so hard when that lolicon rolled on the floor in agony! Aaahaha!」(Titania)

Titania seemed to have watched what was happening in the mansion with clairvoyance while working on the high heels.

「I’m glad you enjoyed the show! Ah, Master, this is Jasmine onee-sama.」(Mylia)

「N, Nice to meet you… Master-sama…?」(Jasmine)

While wondering who Titania was, Jasmine bowed politely.

「I don’t usually receive guests here, but since you’re Mylia’s sister, I mean, a kind sister, I can make an exception.」(Titania)

「Ah, Master is a loner, after all.」(Mylia)

「What are you talking about? Elves basically hate humans, you know?」(Titania)

「E… Elves…? Mylia, is she…」(Jasmine)

「Yup, she’s an elf.」(Mylia)

Elves were a legendary race that rarely appeared among humans, so Jasmine was surprised when she found out that the lady in front of her was an elf.

She squinted her eyes, trying to see Titania’s pointy ears, but because of her poor eyesight, she couldn’t see them clearly.

「I never knew there was an elf living in our territory…」(Jasmine)

「Actually, she has been living here since a hundred and fifty years ago. Master, do you mind if I tell her more about you?」(Mylia)

「Go ahead. I don’t mind.」(Titania)

Titania hates strangers. She even created an awareness-blocking barrier around her house so that no one could get closer. Except Mylia, of course.

That’s why she could hide from humans for a hundred and fifty years.

However, she seemed to be a little interested in Jasmine, so she gave Mylia permission to tell Jasmine about her.

Mylia told Jasmine how she met Titania after she found a silver necklace that was likely to be her ancestor’s in the basement of the Atwood’s mansion.

She then told her that Titania was the one who taught her magic, and she also told her that Chloe knew Titania too.

「I see… Thank you for telling me, Mylia.」(Jasmine)

Jasmine didn’t feel jealous of Chloe at all.

If she was jealous, she would have said, “Why do you always tell Chloe everything but never tell me?”, but she didn’t because she was a good girl with a good personality.

「So, Mylia, you’re going to take her to the royal capital, right?」(Titania)



Titania stared at Jasmine curiously.

「Jasmine, can you show me your eyes?」(Titania)

「My… My eyes…?」(Jasmine)

「Come here.」(Titania)


Jasmine slowly approached Titania.

Titania then raised Jasmine’s chin with her fingers to take a better look at her face.

「Uhh, these long bangs are in the way.」(Titania)

Saying that, Titania cut Jasmine’s long bangs with wind magic all of a sudden without permission.


Realizing her bangs had been cut, Jasmine spontaneously hid her face with her hands.

「Stay still. I can’t see your face.」(Titania)

「B, But…」(Jasmine)

「Gravity magic.」(Titania)

Titania used Gravity magic on Jasmine’s arms so she couldn’t hide her face.

「Eh? My arms feel so heavy…!」(Jasmine)

「Umm… Master, can you treat her better? Also, you shouldn’t cut a maiden’s hair without permission. That’s very rude, you know?」(Mylia)

「Aa, I forgot that she’s your precious sister for a moment…」(Titania)

(Master… She really never treats people nicely other than me…)

Elves love everything that is related to magic, so they are not interested in humans who cannot use magic.

「I’m sorry… But, Jasmine, look at you! You have pretty eyes and a face as cute as Mylia’s! You look a million times better without bangs!」(Titania)

「I, Is that so…?」(Jasmine)

「Why would I lie? You should have confidence in yourself.」(Titania)

「Confidence… Th, Thank you, Master-sama.」(Jasmine)

Being told that she was cute by an elf, Jasmine felt so happy but also embarrassed at the same time.

She blinked her eyes multiple times as her face turned red.

Now that Jasmine stopped resisting, Titania canceled her Gravity Magic and brought her face closer to Jasmine’s.

「Hmm… I see… It’s a congenital disorder, huh? It’ll be very difficult to fix with magic…」 (Titania)

Titania murmured as she took a closer look at Jasmine’s eyes.

「Jasmine, you’re not totally blind, right?」(Titania)

「Yes, I can still see things but they look so blurry.」(Jasmine)

Titania took her hand off Jasmine’s chin and made a peace sign.

「How many fingers do you see?」(Titania)

「Umm, Three…? No… Two…?」(Jasmine)

「It’s two. How about now? How many fingers do you see?」(Titania)

Titania took one step back and raised four fingers.

Jasmine squinted her eyes, trying to see more clearly. However…

「…I don’t know…」(Jasmine)

No matter how hard she squinted her eyes, she still couldn’t tell how many fingers Titania raised.

(Jasmine onee-sama’s eyesight is worse than I thought… I wonder what I can do for her…)

Mylia crossed her arms and started thinking while watching over Jasmine and Titania who were doing an eyesight test.

(Oh, right! I can make glasses for her! She may be able to see clearly if she wears glasses!)

After she came up with that idea, she then started thinking about how to make lenses out of glass and gather the perfect materials to make the frame.

While she was thinking, Titania called out to her.

「Mylia, can you run an errand for me?」(Titania)

「Hm? What do you want me to do?」(Mylia)

「I want you to collect some World Tree Morning Dew.」(Titania)

「Whoa. That sounds like the name of an item in an RPG or something.」(Mylia)

「Stop saying weird things and go to the World Tree now. Here’s the map.」(Titania)

Titania took a map out of her magic bag and handed it to Mylia.

「What do you need that for?」(Mylia)

「Isn’t that obvious? We’re going to fix Jasmine’s eyes.」(Titania)



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  1. I’m glad jasmine is getting her eyes fixed, but sad she won’t be in any more chapters for a while till mylia get the medicine haha oh well a solo adventure for mylia is always going to be fun i think it’s solo jasmine cant really go

      1. Es normal tener lentes . es mejor que estar ciego. Y si hablamos de defectos todos los seres humanos nacemos con defectos

      2. I won’t deny that I am a faulty person, but glasses are not the reason I believe that.
        That said, I do agree with the sentiment of glasses being shit.
        They get scratched, end up covered with substances from God knows where, and they’re uncomfortable. I’ve wore glasses most of my life, but recently I’ve started wearing contacts, and man is it great. Only issue is getting them into your eyes.

  2. Elven magic is always more advanced than human magic. Even Immortality Magic is Elven magic. Only Mylia has more advanced magic. Since it’s based on modern Earth’s technology and fiction.

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