Chapter 1-28 : Chloe’s Departure (part 2)


「Mylia… take care…」(Chloe)

Chloe hugged Mylia again and stroked her head.

Her body was trembling a little.

She was really worried about her little sister.

「Don’t worry, Onee-chan. I have Master with me. I also have a lot of things to do, such as magic training and studying for the exam. If anything happens, I will ask Master for help right away.」(Mylia)

「I see… Aahh, I wish we could keep in touch with telepathy…」(Chloe)

「Unfortunately, you can only use telepathy with people who can also use magic…」(Mylia)

「I know… It can’t be helped…」(Chloe)

「Because I’m still not that good at controlling my magical power, my clairvoyance can’t reach the royal capital… I can’t see how you are doing there…」(Mylia)

「That’s too bad…」(Chloe)

Houuー Houuー

The conversation was interrupted by the sounds of nocturnal birds flying above them.

The village without street lights was dark at night. It felt sad and lonely.

(Aaah! This gloomy mood is not good!… I want to see Chloe onee-chan off with a smile!)

Mylia changed her mood and took out her magic bag from her pocket.

「Onee-chan, I have a gift for you!」(Mylia)

「Really? What is it?」(Chloe)

「Wait a sec….. Tada!」(Mylia)

Mylia took out a bracelet from her magic bag.

It was made of the crystal shards Mylia found when she practiced magic.

She turned the shards into beads, and connected them with a thread.

Among the clear beads, there was one blue bead attached.

「Waahh! It’s so pretty! Mylia, thank you!」(Chloe)

Chloe was really pleased with the gift.

Mylia’s chest felt warm when she saw Chloe’s smile.

「Onee-chan, it’s too early to be surprised. Try touching the blue bead and say “shampoo and conditioner”.」(Mylia)

The blue bead was actually a magic stone.

「S, Shampoo and conditionerー」(Chloe)

Chloe did what Mylia told her to do with a doubtful face.

And then, Chloe’s black hair suddenly became really smooth and shiny as if she just washed it with an expensive shampoo.

(Yes! It works!)

It was a magic tool that instantly makes hair clean which was made by Mylia and Titania.

It took them about half a year to make it work perfectly.

「Whoa… Mylia, is this bracelet a magic tool?」(Chloe)

While saying that, Chloe combed her hair with her fingers.

She was surprised by how smooth her hair was.

「Yup! It’s a shampoo magic tool. You can only use it about fifty more times, so please use it only when you don’t have time to wash your hair.」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia smiled brightly at Chloe.

(Onee-chan was amazed! The surprise was a big success!)

Chloe was happy, but at the same time she was also worried.

It would be bad if people in the royal capital found out about this magic tool because this kind of magic tool was extremely rare.

Chloe swore to the night sky that she would never use it in public.

「Onee-chan, wanna eat fried Dabola meat? The seasoning is only from the rock salt, but it’s quite good.」(Mylia)

The carefree Mylia took two pieces of fried Dabola meat from her magic bag.

She ate one and gave the other one to Chloe.

The first Dabola meat she ate made her want to eat more, and because of that, she occasionally went hunting Dabola while practicing magic.

「I also made you clothes! I made them with Master. You’re going to the royal capital, so you should look beautiful!」(Mylia)

Mylia took out a navy blue jacket, shirt, lace ribbon, skirt, robe, and shoes from her magic bag.

「Waah!… It’s so beautiful…!」(Chloe)

It was an outfit that was suitable to be used as a school uniform at the Royal Girls’ Academy.

Mylia didn’t stop there.

Next, she took out a school bag for Chloe.

Inside the bag were two dresses for use in the dorm, three sets of underwear, three pairs of socks, and ten silver coins that Mylia had secretly put in.

The silver coins were from Titania.

「Please don’t open this bag now. Open it in the middle of your trip.」(Mylia)

「Maa! Thank you, Mylia! I love you!」(Chloe)

Chloe was overjoyed with all the gifts Mylia gave.

She had prepared herself to live in the dorm with her old dress, but thanks to Mylia she didn’t have to worry that the other students would mock her because of her old dress.

Mylia was happy to see the beautiful smile of her beloved onee-chan before she left.

She felt like a rose had bloomed in her heart.




The next day, Chloe put on the new clothes she got from Mylia.

She then climbed up Amnesia’s white horse, sat in front of Amnesia, and bowed to the people who had gathered in front of the church.

「Thank you for taking care of me.」(Chloe)

Those people were the villagers, about 100 people, who heard the rumors about Chloe leaving for the royal capital, and the entire Atwood Family members excluding Clara, the third daughter who had married and was now living with her husband.

「Chloe, I’ll definitely bring you back! You hear me!?」(Aaron)

「Where the hell did you get those fine clothes!?…..Khh! You really piss me off!」(Robin)

Ignoring Aaron and Robin who kept shouting endlessly at her, Chloe looked at Mylia.

「Mylia, take care…」(Chloe)

Chloe’s words contained thousands of emotions.

Mylia also wanted to say ‘take care’ to Chloe, but she had to keep pretending to be an absent-minded girl, so she just nodded without changing her expression.

(Chloe onee-chan, take care…)

If she didn’t put pressure on her cheeks, she would have cried.

「I’ll be waiting for you…」(Chloe)

After Chloe muttered like that, Amnesia pulled the reins of her horse.

「Well then, we will take our leave.」(Amnesia)

And then the horses started galloping dashingly.

(Chloe onee-chan… See you at the royal capital in two years…)

Mylia kept standing there until she could no longer see the backs of the female knights.



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