Chapter 4-4 : The Visit Of A Researcher Ⅲ


「How about twenty gold coins per day for each person?」(Nord)

「Twe… Sir, you just got yourself two reliable bodyguards!」(Iris)

「Wai… Iris!?」(Kate)

Iris-san agreed immediately while Kate-san was taken aback.

Honestly, I was a little surprised too that Nord-san would pay them that much.

It would take a commoner who works in the royal capital two or three months to earn that amount.

Collectors earn a bit more than ordinary people, but still, it’s difficult to earn twenty gold coins a day unless they are very lucky.

When we hunted Ice Fang Bats, I paid Iris-san and Kate-san close to that amount. However, I could pay them that much because I sold the fangs at a very high price to Yok Baal.

In other words, Nord-san’s offer is very tempting.

Normally, you won’t get that much from just escorting someone.

「Umm, Nord-san, are you sure you want to pay them that much?」(Sarasa)

「Well, it’s a risky job, so I need to pay them well, right? However, they need to prepare all the necessary equipment and food by themselves.」(Nord)

I think I can agree with that.

Luckily, Iris-san and Kate-san already have Heatproof Coats, so there’s no problem.

「But if the government doesn’t approve your paper from this research, you will lose a lot of money. Are you really sure?」(Sarasa)

「Well, if that happens, I will just find a job and save money for a while until I have enough money to start doing research again. It’s unlikely to happen though. Hahaha!」(Nord)

「I, I see… Did you start your research this time with the prize money you got from the paper of your last research?」(Sarasa)

「Yup. That’s how I spend the prize money.」(Nord)

He must have spent a lot of money when he did the investigation in the other habitat he talked about. Moreover, he will have to pay Iris-san and Kate-san a good amount of money.

I wonder how much prize money he got…

「Did you get a lot of money from submitting your research results to the government?」(Sarasa)

「Yeah, quite a lot. It’s not easy though. If you’re not a rich person or an aristocrat and the government doesn’t approve your paper after you spent a lot of money on your research, you will have to borrow money to cover the research cost. If no one wants to lend you money, then you have no choice but to find a job to make money or die on the street, starving.」(Nord)

「Working as a researcher is not easy, huh…」(Sarasa)

Slavery is not allowed in this country, but you can’t escape from your debt. You need to pay it off even if you will destroy your body from working too much.

In some cases, creditors will force you to work for them. Depending on the amount of debt, they can send you to work in horrible places. For example, a brothel if you are a young woman.

Adelbert-san’s case is different because it’s between aristocrats.

「By the way, Nord-san, do you have any debt?」(Sarasa)

「Nope. I always refrain from spending all my money, so I can still live without borrowing money in case I don’t get the prize money from the government.」(Nord)

「I see.」(Sarasa)

As long as you have money, you can buy food and rent a room in an inn while looking for a job.

「So, do you guys accept my offer?」(Nord)

「You’ve heard my answer but, Kate, how about you?」(Iris)

「Umm… Store Owner-san, do you think this is a dangerous job?」(Kate)

「Well, unless you’re very unlucky, I think you’ll be fine. The Hellfire Grizzlies might have returned to that volcano but I think the chance is low.」(Sarasa)

After listening to my answer, Kate-san folded her arms and thought for a moment. She then nodded and looked at Nord-san.

「Alright, I accept too. I want to pay our debt to Store Owner-san as soon as possible after all.」(Kate)

「I told you that you can take your time. Besides, Adelbert-san will pay soon, but I won’t stop you if you want to pay quickly.」(Sarasa)

Two villages that Adelbert-san governs are agricultural villages, so he usually collects taxes after the autumn harvest.

Of course, the tax is not necessarily money. Just like the people in this village, the people there can pay with their agricultural products. Adelbert-san then will exchange them for cash by selling them.

However, the market price usually drops right after the harvest season. Therefore, I told him to store the agricultural products that don’t rot easily until the market price returns to normal.

Because of that, he hasn’t paid his debt yet, but he will soon.

I’m not an impatient person like Baronet Kirk, so I can wait.

「Alright then, Nord, I’m looking forward to working with you.」(Iris)

「Thank you, both of you! Ahh~ I’m so grateful because no one wanted to accept this job even though I offered them the same amount of money.」(Nord)


Nord-san just said something that made me worried somehow. However, before I could ask him, he tapped his knees and stood up.

「Alright, let’s get going!」(Nord)

「Now!? Wait, we need to make preparations first! You also need to get ready, right?」(Iris)

When Iris-san flusteredly asked that, Nord-san raised his chin and smirked.

「Hmhm~ As a researcher, I have to be always ready! I have my tools and preserved foods in my bag already so I can devote myself to my research at any time! …Aa, but I don’t have a tent… Iris-kun, Kate-kun, can I sleep in your teーー」(Nord)

「「Huuuhh!?」」(Iris & Kate)

Iris-san and Kate-san glared at Nord-san with sharp eyes.

There’s no way they will allow a man to sleep with them.

「Haha… I knew it. Last time my escorts were men, so I slept in their tent… Sarasa-kun, do you sell tents?」(Nord)

「I sell Floating Tents but they are made to order, so you would have to wait. Ah, but if you pay extra, I can make one as quickly as possible for you.」(Sarasa)

The most time-consuming part of making Floating Tents is sewing leather to make the base tents.

I usually ask the aunties in the neighborhood to help me with that, but still, it takes a long time. Sewing leather is not easy after all. Besides, they don’t always have free time.

However, now I have a potion called “Kawak”!

Yeah, I know. It’s a strange name, but its effect is amazing.

Simply put, it’s a strong adhesive for leather, but what’s great about it is that it doesn’t simply stick multiple sheets of leather like normal adhesive.

The sheets of leather that are glued together with this potion will literally become one when the potion dries. There will be no gaps and it can’t be separated anymore.

Tents made by this method are definitely much more durable than the ones made by sewing, but of course, they cost more than the ordinary ones since Kawak potions are quite expensive.

「No problem. Please make me a Floating Tent fit for one person.」(Nord)

「Alright. It’s nice doing business with you~」(Sarasa)

He didn’t come as a customer but he ended up becoming one. That’s great.



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