Chapter 4-27 : Career Counseling Ⅲ (part 2)


ーThe next day after Lorea-chan stayed overnight at my houseー

「Sarasa-san, I’ll be in your care!」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan was standing by the front door while carrying a big cloth bag.

She was smiling dazzlingly at me while bathing in the fresh morning sunlight.

「Umm… Lorea-chan, isn’t it too soon?」(Sarasa)

「But the sooner the better!」(Lorea)

This morning, Lorea-chan woke up early and told me that she wanted to go home briefly and would come back before we opened the store.

I didn’t think she would pack her luggage and be ready to move to my house today.

It hasn’t even been twenty-four hours since I suggested she move to my house. I think she made her decision too quickly, but I understand that she is excited to move here.

The cloth bag she was carrying was pretty big, but you might think that it was too small for moving luggage.

After all, you normally need more than one big bag or case to pack all your stuff when you move to a new home. If you want to bring your bed and furniture as well, you will need a carriage.

However, there’s already a vacant room with a bed in my house. Besides, Lorea-chan’s house is not far from here, so she can always grab her stuff whenever she wants. That’s why she didn’t bring much luggage today.

Even though it looks big, Lorea-chan’s cloth bag doesn’t look heavy. After all, Lorea-chan can carry it easily, so it must be packed with changes of clothes and other light items.

「Umm… I can’t move here today…?」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan’s bright smile slowly turned cloudy. Perhaps because she saw me silently thinking to myself for a moment.

Seeing her worried expression, I hurriedly shook my head.

「No, no! Of course, you can! It’s just… I thought that I had to talk with your parents before you move here, so…」(Sarasa)

I’m in the position of the person who welcomes her into my house as my disciple, so I think I need to talk with her parents.

If Lorea-chan’s house were in a different village or town, I might not be able to visit her parents, but since it’s in the same village, I don’t have any reason not to visit her parents as the person who will be taking care of her daughter.

I remember when my senior at the orphanage graduated from the Alchemist Training School and became a disciple of an alchemist, her master came to talk with the orphanage manager. However, I was still very little back then so I don’t remember what they were talking about.

「Talk with my parents? But they have heard everything from me, so I don’t think you have to.」(Lorea)

「Even so, I still need to talk with them. They must be worried that their only daughter will live separately from them.」(Sarasa)

「Worried? Fufu. No, not at all. Rather, they were very happy when I asked them to let me live with you.」(Lorea)

「Ahh, I forgot that Daruna-san and Marie-san were ‘that’ type of parents… But, Lorea-chan, visiting your parents is my responsibility as the adult who will take care of you in their stead.」(Sarasa)

「”As the adult”…?」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan looked at me with a dubious look for some reason.

「Y, Yeah, I’m an adult! Well, I’m only two years older than you but I’m an adult, and you’re still a minor. Do you understand?」(Sarasa)

Hey, you! Yes, you who are reading this! Don’t say that Lorea-chan looks more mature than me!

I know that her chest is much bigger than mine but we’re now talking about position and responsibility, so appearance doesn’t matter!

「If you say so… Alright then, let’s go to my house and get it done quickly. We still need to open the store after all.」(Lorea)

「Don’t worry, we can open the store a bit late today, so we don’t need to hurry.」(Sarasa)

Hmm… Should we take a day off instead? I need time to prepare myselfl before I talk with Lorea-chan’s parents.

Also, I think I need to prepare a gift for them. I’ll be taking care of their daughter, so I need to do it properly.

While I was thinking, Lorea-chan shook her head, showing that she strongly disagreed with me.

「No, I can’t let my circumstances affect the store’s income!」(Lorea)

「I don’t mind though. Waiー Lorea-chan?」(Sarasa)

After putting her cloth bag on the counter, Lorea-chan grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the entrance.

「Enough talking. Let’s hurry before customers start coming!」(Lorea)

Hahh… It seems like I don’t have time to prepare.

「Alright, alright. Let’s go.」(Sarasa)

Daruna-san and Marie-san are carefree people, but still, they’re Lorea-chan’s parents. I need to be polite to them so as not to make them upset.

We left my house and went to the general store.

When we got there, Daruna-san and Marie-san were preparing to open the store.

「Mom, Dad, I bring Sarasa-san.」(Lorea)

「G, good morning.」(Sarasa)

「Oh, Sarasa-san, welcome! How can we help you?」(Daruna)

「Umm, I want to talk about Lorea-chan. As you have heard from her. She wants to live together with me, but Daruna-san, Marie-san, are you sure you want to let me take care of your daughter in your stead?」(Sarasa)

After I asked them that, they both looked at each other for a second and smiled at me.

「Of course! We trust you. We believe that you will take good care of our daughter.」(Daruna-san)

「She may cause you trouble in the future, but please go easy on her.」(Marie)

They gave the answer that I expected.

「But don’t you want her to inherit your general store?」(Sarasa)


Daruna-san and Marie-san started explaining.

They said that they didn’t want Lorea-chan to succeed them as the owner of the general store because it was kinda risky. They want their daughter to have a safe and promising job.

Daruna-san has to go back and forth between the town of South Strugg and this village to restock the goods every so often, and it can be risky.

He said that his friend, who was also a merchant, was attacked by bandits when he returned to his village from South Strugg.

He also told me that his parents, the former owner of the general store, lost their lives to bandits when they were transporting goods to another town.

Daruna-san and Marie-san didn’t want their daughter to get into the same trouble.

The area around this village is safe, but still, they were worried about the safety of their only daughter.

As her parents, there’s nothing that can make them happier than if Lorea-chan can continue working as a clerk at my alchemy store and have a stable and safe life in the future. Therefore, they gladly leave their daughter to me.

Now that I’ve confirmed that Lorea-chan got her parents’ permission, there’s no reason not to let her live with me in my house.



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