Chapter 4-2 : The Visit Of A Researcher Ⅰ


To simply summarize what was written in the letter of introduction, this researcher, Nord-san, is Leonora-san’s friend, and Leonora-san wants me to help him.

Honestly, I don’t mind helping Leonora-san’s friend since she helped me a lot, but in the letter, she said, “You don’t have to listen to him if he makes unreasonable requests”, which makes me a bit worried.

「Hee… I never knew that there were people studying monsters…」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan, who joined our conversation, looked a bit surprised.

「There are but not many, so people don’t usually know about us. By the way, I mainly study the ecology of monsters, and it’s actually an unusual thing to study.」(Nord)

Nord-san then nodded at Lorea-chan and explained more about his job.

In general, research on monsters is mainly about finding out the benefits of the monster materials for human life, and it’s normally done by alchemists who have reached the intermediate class.

For example, if you find out the benefit or the way to use the unknown materials or the materials that were previously considered garbage, you will be able to make great profits and obtain fame.

However, what Nord-san is researching is the ecology of monsters, which is rarely studied by people because you won’t make much profit even if you discover something new from it. Moreover, doing research costs a lot of money, so only a few people study things that are not profitable.

「Actually, researchers who study unusual things like me are mostly aristocrats and people with money who do research as a hobby.」(Nord)

「Eh? So… Are you an aristocrat…?」(Lorea)

「No, I’m one of the few exceptions. I don’t do research as a hobby. I do it thoroughly and produce results.」(Nord)

Nord-san explained to Lorea-chan with a proud expression, and then he turned his face toward me.

「I have even published several books about my research, so you might have heard my name before.」(Nord)

「Is that so? I’m sorry… I never heard anything about you…」(Sarasa)

「I, I see… Looks like I still have a long way to go. I need to work harder!」(Nord)

When I answered honestly, Nord-san looked a little disappointed, but then he quickly regained his composure and smiled.

I rarely read books since books are very expensive. Besides, I’m an alchemist. For me, the information about monster materials is more important than other information.

The books in the school library when I was at school are also mainly about monster materials, so no matter how many of Nord-san’s books are sold, I doubt I would find them there.

Well, I don’t think many people buy books about the ecology of monsters though…

「Umm… Are your books selling?」(Lorea)

It seems like Lorea-chan has the same thoughts as me. She asked Nord-san about his books.

「Of course! “The Grime Teeths’ Way Of Living And Their Secrets” that I recently released has sold 28 volumes!」(Nord)

Saying that, Nord-san looked at Lorea-chan with a happy face and sparkling eyes.

Lorea-chan could only smile awkwardly.

There are various ways to publish books. I don’t know how he sells his books but 28 volumes is far from enough if he wants to make a profit.

Even if his books were as expensive as the Encyclopedia of Alchemy, I don’t think he would be able to cover the research costs with only the money he got from selling 28 volumes of his books.

I was curious so I decided to ask him.

「Were you able to cover the research costs?」(Sarasa)

「Well, even though I sold a lot of books, it wasn’t enough to cover my research costs. However, I got money from the government thanks to the Research Fund Subsidy System!」(Nord)

「Research Fund Subsidy System…?」(Lorea)

「Yup. Let me explainーー…..」(Nord)

When Lorea-chan asked curiously, Nord-san started explaining.

Basically, the Research Fund Subsidy System is a system made by the government to support researchers whose study results are useful for the kingdom.

However, you will receive the money after the government approves your papers or essays that you submit as your research results. You can’t receive the money in advance before doing your research.

Moreover, the money you will receive depends on how useful your research results are to the kingdom regardless of how much money you spent for the research costs.

In other words, you need to start your research with your own money first.

If the government thinks that your research results are useful to the kingdom, they will give you a lot of money, if they don’t, they will only give you a small amount of money, or not even give you a rea.

Therefore, you will lose a lot of money if your research results are useless.

If you are a researcher who studies unusual things, making a living by only utilizing this subsidy system is not a good idea.

That’s why researchers who study unusual things are mostly aristocrats and people with money who do research as a hobby.

「Then, are you a rich person? You need to start your research with your own money, right?」(Lorea)

「Nope. I’m not rich at all but I’m special. After all, I’ve never made a loss so far!」(Nord)

Saying that, Nord-san put his hands on his waist and puffed up his chest.

「My first research topic was simple, so I didn’t need a lot of money. However, the government seemed to like it and gave me money that exceeded the research costs, and then I used the remaining money to start my next research. It keeps going until now, and luckily, I never lost money.」(Nord)

「Really? That’s impressive.」(Lorea)

「You may not believe me but I’m quite famous among the researchers who study the ecology of monsters!」(Nord)

「That’s quite narrow in my opinion.」(Lorea)

「W, Well… Yeah, you may be right… After all, common people don’t know about us at all…」(Nord)

Nord-san talked as if he was proud of himself but then he looked down because of Lorea-chan’s tactless words.

Uhh… Lorea-chan… I hope she realizes that she’s talking with a guest…

「Not only common people. Even an expert like Sarasa-san had no idea.」(Lorea)

「Umm, Lorea-chan? I didn’t know because I’m not a researcher. I’m an alchemist.」(Sarasa)

「I see. By the way, how many researchers study the ecology ofー」(Lorea)

「ーAa! But Nord-san, being able to make a profit from research is very impressive! Not many people can do that!」(Sarasa)

「R, Right!?」(Nord)

I’m not a researcher but I know that the number of researchers in this country is very small, let alone the number of researchers who study the ecology of monsters like Nord-san.

I know Lorea-chan asked out of curiosity. She didn’t mean to hurt Nord-san’s feelings, but I don’t want her to hurt his feelings even more, so I interrupted her.

「There are many researchers who submit their papers to the government but only a few who receive money, and I’m one of the few!」(Nord)

「That’s awesome. By the way, why did you decide to study minor monsters like Grime Teeths? I think you should have studied more useful monsters.」(Sarasa)

Grime Teeths are such minor monsters that ordinary people don’t even know their names. Even those who know them aren’t very interested in them.

For alchemists, they are useless monsters because none of their body parts can be used as alchemy materials.

I don’t know why the government approved Nord-san’s research about those monsters’ ecology.

Is it because they thought that his paper was very fascinating?

Hmm… I probably underestimate this man.

「Ah, the judging committee asked me the same question when they read my paper.」(Nord)

「I knew it.」(Sarasa)

「Therefore, I want to study more famous and strong monsters this time.」(Nord)

「I think that’s a good idea. What monsters will you study this time?」(Sarasa)

When I asked that, Nord-san smirked at me.




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  1. so basically he wants to use sarasa because she killed one she’s an alchemist not a monster hunter

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Well, since he wants to study their ecology it would be weird to freeze them. It’s hard to study how something lives, if it’s dead.

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