Chapter 4-13 : Homunculus Ⅱ


「Store Owner-dono, you’re this bear’s mother. Do you want to name it?」(Iris)

As an alchemist, I prefer to be called a creator than a mother…

I replied to Iris-san by shaking my head.

「No. You guys should name it. But before that, there’s something I want to try.」(Sarasa)

I closed my eyes and transferred my consciousness to the bear.

After confirming that I could control her body, I made it jump out of Iris-san’s hands, spun twice in the air, and landed on the table. Then I made it sit in front of me.

「Whoa! This bear’s surprisingly agile!」(Iris)

「Ah, I’m controlling its body now. It seems that it’s working just fine.」(Sarasa)

There’s nothing wrong with its sight, hearing, and sense of touch. I can also control its body freely.

Controlling a Homunculus’ body and your body at the same time is very difficult. You have to sit on a chair like I’m doing now or lie down on a bed so that you can focus only on controlling the Homunculus’ body.

Skilled alchemists are mostly able to control both the Homunculus’ and their own bodies at the same time. Some of them can even fight in that condition. They control the Homunculus to support them in a fight.

I’m not sure if I can do that. My head feels dizzy from just opening my eyes because I will see two different sights at the same time.

「Hee… This bear is really an artifact, huh…?」(Iris)

「I told you. It’s an artifact, not a real living being. So, do you still want to name it?」(Sarasa)

「Of course!」(Lorea)

The one who replied to me was Lorea.

She glared at me with sharp eyes.

「This bear will move on its own when you’re not controlling it, right? Then that means it has its own consciousness. Even though it’s artificial, it’s still a living being! We should name it!」(Lorea)

「Lorea’s right!」(Iris)

「She’s got a point!」(Kate)

「Alright, alright. I understand…」(Sarasa)

It looks like they won’t change their mind no matter what I say.

「Names are important after all.」(Kate)

「You’re right. By the way, I remember you named all the stuffed animals you have. Fufu.」(Iris)


Iris-san said that Kate-san got a stuffed animal on her birthday when she was a child but I didn’t know that she had many of them. That’s kind of surprising.

Lorea-chan and I glanced at Kate-san and smiled.

「Hee~ Is that so?」(Lorea)

「Today I learned that Kate-san has such a cute side~」(Sarasa)

「U, Uuu… I did name all my stuffed animals but that’s when I was a child! I haven’t done that since I became an adult!」(Kate)

「Then, Kate, why do you still have your stuffed animals in your room~?」(Iris)

「Mama made them for me. There’s no way I can throw them away!」(Kate)

Katerina-san is a strong person. Kate-san said that she was very strict but she seems to be a kind mother to her.

「I think I can understand your feelings. Those stuffed animals must be precious to you.」(Sarasa)

「They are. That’s why I still have them even though I’ve become an adult.」(Kate)

I remember I had a doll that my parents gave me when I was still a child. I also remember I gave it a name.

Unfortunately, I lost it when I moved to the orphanage after my parents passed away…

I had forgotten about that doll completely, but now… I wish I still had it…

「Actually, I also have a doll. My mom bought it for me in South Strugg when I was little.」(Lorea)

「Lorea, I knew a cute girl like you must have a doll!」(Kate)

「Hehe~ But I don’t have many like you. Since you named all of your stuffed animals, you must have a good naming sense. I think you should name this bear.」(Lorea)

「No, Lorea. Just like I said, this little bear is ours. We should name her. Well, since Store Owner-san doesn’t seem to want to do it, the three of us should do it. First, each of us will suggest a name for the bear, and then we will decide later.」(Kate)

「「Agreed!」」(Iris & Lorea)

I’m letting them name this bear but… I hope they won’t suggest weird names…

While the three were thinking, I made the bear dance to make sure that I could completely control its body.

One, two, three~ One, two, three~ Spin around and then raise both arms~!

I did it! This is kind of addicting somehow.

Alright. Next, I will try some martial arts moves.

Right straight punch! Left straight punch! Uppercut! Roundhouse kick!

「Umm… Store Owner-dono… If you keep making the bear do those moves, its cute image in my head will begin to crumble…」(Iris)

The three glanced at me with indescribable expressions.

I think the bear still looks cute even when it does martial arts moves though…

「I’m sorry, but this bear will go with you tomorrow, so I need to practice controlling it while I still have time.」(Sarasa)

I need to get used to controlling its body. It would be a problem if I couldn’t control it well at a critical moment.

「I see. Alright then. Guys, don’t let it bother you now. Try to remember its cute figure when it was sitting on your palm.」(Iris)

The three of them nodded to each other and continued thinking.

A while after, the first person who suggested a name was Lorea.

「Kurumi… Un! I think “Kurumi” is a perfect name for this bear. Its fur looks a bit golden but it’s close to the color of walnuts.」(Lorea)

*/TL : Kurumi (胡桃) is Japanese for walnuts.

That’s a cute name. Good one, Lorea-chan!

「I suggest “Marc”.」(Kate)

Marc…? That makes the bear a male then.

Well, Homunculi have no gender, so you can name them as you like.

「Why did you name it so randomly like when you named your stuffed animals?」(Iris)

「It’s not random! What’s your suggestion then? I bet it’s worse than mine.」(Kate)


Waaait a minute…

「Iris-san… Are you sure…?」(Sarasa)

「Of course I am. Store Owner-dono, don’t you know? In the northern region, bears love salmon.」(Iris)

I know the reason why she suggested that name, but…

Salmon is a kind of fish, right?

Well, “kurumi” (walnuts) is also a food name, so I don’t think it’s fair if I only criticize the name Iris-san suggested.

It’s not that I’ll be the one to decide though.

「Alright, then. How do we decide the name?」(Kate)

「Hmm… How about we let Salmon decide for himself?」(Iris)

「Hey, you can’t call the bear Salmon yet! But I accept your idea.」(Kate)

The three of them then spread and put their hands on the edge of the table.

After that, I cut off the flow of my magical power to the bear and stopped controlling its body. Then I put it in the middle of the table.

「Kurumi-chan~ Come to mama~!」(Lorea)

「Marc, you know where you should be going, right? Come!」(Kate)

「Salmon, come here if you like salmon!」(Iris)

The bear looked a bit confused when the three called it all together but then it stood up.

It looked at the faces of the three while walking around the table as if it knew what it should do.

After walking around the table for a while, it jumped into someone’s hand.

「Gau~ Gauu~!」(bear)

Looks like the bear has made its choice.



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