Chapter 3-29 : Salamander Ⅲ


「Eat this! FROZEN COFFINー!!!」(Sarasa)

As I cast the spell, a frozen wind started to blow around the Salamander.

The extremely hot air in our surroundings cooled down in an instant, and frost began to take shape on the ground. Even the red-hot lava river gradually turned black and started to solidify.

As for the Salamanderー


As the thick white steam covered its body, its movements gradually became slower and slower.

「W, Whoaa… Store Owner-dono, you’re impressive as always…」(Iris)

「I’m even shivering now because of the cold air…」(Kate)

Iris-san and Kate-san, who were standing behind me, were looking around at the changing scenery with amazed faces.

The Salamander’s movements are getting slower and this place is getting colder but honesty… I’m not sure if I can make it although I have a lot of magical power…

「Guys… This is bad…」(Sarasa)

Seeing my pale face, Iris-san and Kate-san looked worried.

「What do you mean?」(Iris)

「Didn’t the spell work?」(Kate)

「Yeah, but it keeps consuming my magical power.」(Sarasa)

I was expecting that the Salamander would be completely frozen at this point but it looks like it will take much longer than I expected.

At this rate, I will run out of magical power…

「It will be great if I can kill it before I run out of magical power, but…」(Sarasa)

Salamanders are weak against cold temperatures but this one is totally different from normal ones.

Now I’m worried that I will run out of magical power before this lizard freezes to death.

「Khh…! What should we do…? Aa, I know! Store Owner-dono, how about using a potion to refill your magical power?」(Iris)

「Well, I brought some potions but I doubt they will help. It’s like filling a big empty barrel with a small glass of water.」(Sarasa)

The more the amount of mana, the bigger the container is.

It would be great if I have a potion that could regenerate my magical power all at once, but unfortunately, such a potion doesn’t exist. Even if it existed, it would cost a fortune for sure.

I can’t even defeat a single Salamander despite having a lot of magical power probably because the way I use magical power is not efficient.

I’m confident in using magic when I make potions and artifacts but as I said, I’m not good at using offensive spells.

「…Store Owner-san, can you defeat it?」(Kate)

「Honestly, it’s very tough… I think you two should start preparing to retreat.」(Sarasa)

I don’t have much magical power now.

The Salamander’s skin started to freeze but I’m not sure if I can maintain this spell until that lizard dies.

However, since it completely stopped moving, I think Iris-san and Kate-san will have enough time to escape while carrying me.

「Dammit! We’ve come this far! I’m not going to marry that guy!」(Iris)

「I can’t let that bad guy marry you either! We can’t give up now!」(Kate)

Actually, when Iris-san and Kate-san went to Adelbert-san’s mansion after hunting some deers, they met Hou Baal.

Of course, Adelbert-san no longer has the intention of marrying his daughter to him but that man acted as if the marriage had been decided. He interacted with Iris-san without minding his distance and talked arrogantly as if he was the only person who could save the Lotze Family.

I could tell that he must be a very annoying person just from listening to Iris-san’s story.

Moreover, if Iris-san and he get married, Kate-san, who serves the Lotze Family, will automatically become his concubine.

That’s why they both don’t want that to happen no matter what.

「Store Owner-dono, can I throw all these Freezing Stones!? I will pay for them later!」(Iris)

「Me too! I will use all these arrows!」(Kate)

「Go ahead but I don’t know if it will be effective or not!」(Sarasa)

My magical power is currently pretty low. I’ll be grateful if they can help even a bit.

Iris-san and Kate-san started using their remaining Freezing Stones and Freezing Arrows on the half-frozen Salamander.

Fortunately, because the Salamander’s skin had been covered with ice, the ice blasts spreading from the Freezing Stones and the Freezing Arrows didn’t melt like last time.

They’re surprisingly quite effective!

Soon after Iris-san and Kate-san threw and shot their last Freezing Stone and Freezing Arrow, I ran out of magical power.

「Oh, no… I reached… my limit…」(Sarasa)

「Store Owner-dono!」(Iris)

「Store Owner-san!」(Kate)

I was about to collapse but both of them quickly embraced me and supported my body.

We then stared at the frozen Salamander.

「Did we… kill it…?」(Iris)

「Store Owner-san, is it finally dead…?」(Kate)

Iris-san and Kate-san, who couldn’t tell whether we did it or not, looked at me and asked, but I could only shake my head weakly.

「*Breath heavily* Hahh… Hahh… I don’t know… I can’t tell with my current condition…」(Sarasa)

In a place full of magical power like this, measuring the target’s magical power is very difficult. In the first place, valuable alchemy materials contain slight amounts of magical power, so I can’t tell if that lizard is still alive or not even though I can feel magical power from its body.

The only way to find out is to use sensing magic but I can’t do it ‘cause I have zero magical power right now.

My Frozen Coffin spell seemed to be more powerful than I expected. It completely froze the lava river and the ground in this area, and there was no sign that the ice would melt.

Well, I said it was powerful but it was actually very inefficient.

If only I could focus my spell on the target, I wouldn’t have wasted so much magical power.

I really need to practice more…

「…Store Owner-dono, should I approach it to check?」(Iris)

If it’s dead, then there’s no problem, but if it’s still alive, it will break the ice and attack Iris-san.

Thinking that our safety is the first priority, it’s best to go back and come again later.

「No, I don’t think it’s a good idea… Since we can’t tell if it’s already dead or still alive, we better not approach it… Let’s retreat for now. We can go back later after my magical power is fully recovered… Don’t worry, my ice won’t melt easily…」(Sarasa)

Iris-san looked very curious but when her eyes met with Kate-san’s, Kate-san sighed and shook her head.

「Y-You’re right… We might put Store Owner-san in danger if it’s still alive…」(Iris)

「Haha… I can’t even move my fingers after all.」(Sarasa)

Actually, I was just worried about Iris-san but if my condition can stop her from doing a reckless thing, then I’m glad to be like this… No, actually, not really.

Iris-san smiled at me and wrapped my hands around her neck. She then leaned slightly forward, put her hands on my thighs, and lifted me up, carrying me on her back.

「Well then, let’s regroup with my father for now. I bet he’s worried about us.」(Iris)

「Yeah. I hope that lizard is really dead but surviving a battle against a Salamander alone is impressive enough. I don’t wanna think about the cost of all those Freezing Arrows and Freezing Stones we used though…」(Kate)

Looking at her empty quiver and Iris-san’s empty leather bag, Kate-san said that with an indescribable expression.

「Hey, don’t remind me of that. I did say that I would pay for them but you know that our daily earnings are not even enough to buy two Freezing Stones, right? Hahhh…」(Iris)


「Both of you, you can rest assured!」(Sarasa)

「Oh? Store Owner-dono, could it be… You’re not going to charge us!?」(Iris)

While still carrying me on her back, Iris-san glanced at me and smiled brightly but I returned her smile with a smirk.

「Nope. You still have to pay but I will give you a discount!」(Sarasa)

「Eeehhh… Just a discount…?」(Iris)

I did my best for her sake so it’s okay if I want some money in return, right? Right?

Besides, if we did kill the Salamander, the cost of Freezing Stones and Freezing Arrows won’t be a big issue.

「Phu! Fufu!」(Sarasa)


Seeing Iris-san’s disappointed face, Kate-san and I giggled.

We then turned around and left the frozen Salamander behind.



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