Chapter 3-28 : Salamander Ⅱ


「Alright, let’s keep going.」(Sarasa)

I nodded at Iris-san and Kate-san, they then nodded back at me, and then we continued walking toward our destination.

「I, It’s about time, huh…」(Iris)

「This is kinda nerve-wracking…」(Kate)

Iris-san kept holding the leather bag that was filled with Freezing Stones on her waist while Kate-san was holding her bow.

We arrived at the large open space surrounding the cave where a Salamander most likely lives.

The river of lava spreading from inside the cave released strong heat.

Fortunately, we have enough room in this open space to fight when our target came out of the cave.

「So, is the Salamander inside that caー」(Iris)

「ーBe careful! It’s coming!」(Sarasa)

When we were looking at the cave, I could feel something coming from the inside of the lava river that was flowing from the cave.

Immediately after, the surface of the lava river swelled and a huge lizard-like shadow popped out, making the lava splatter to the surroundings. It made a heavy noise when it landed on the ground.

It was a Salamander.

Just like Lava Lizards, it was a lizard-type monster but it was much bigger and looked much more terrifying than Lava Lizards.

It was as tall as an adult human and had a body length of 5-6 meters.

The air around its body was shimmering, showing that its body generates heat that might burn our skin if we approach it without Heatproof Coats.

This is bad…! This monster is more dangerous than I thought! I can tell somehow even without fighting it!

Thinking that I won’t be able to defeat it unless I go all out, I decided to take off my necklace right away and put it in my pocket.

「Th, This is a Salamander!? What a terrifying monster!」(Iris)

「Iris-san, Kate-san, plan B! I’m taking off my necklace! Please be careful and let’s do it according to our plan!」(Sarasa)

「「Understood!」」(Iris & Kate)

We were taken aback upon seeing the Salamander’s horrifying appearance. However, Iris-san and Kate-san could keep their cool. They began to move after I shouted.

Iris-san ran to the left and Kate-san ran to the right.

「Take this!」(Iris)

At first, the Salamander looked at me who didn’t move, but after Iris-san threw a Freezing Stone at its head, it turned its gaze toward Iris-san.

Alright, now this is my chance!

I started concentrating and casting my spell.

『ーーThe freezing wind gushing out from the earthー』(Sarasa)

While I was casting my spell, Iris-san threw another Freezing Stone at the Salamander’s head, trying to divert its attention as much as possible.

The Freezing Stones will freeze their surroundings when they hit an object. However, the object is a Salamander that generates heat from its body.

The ice spreading from the Freezing Stones turned into white steam and disappeared as soon as it touched the Salamander’s skin.

They did zero damage but it seemed that those Freezing Stones were enough to annoy the Salamander.

Feeling annoyed, the Salamander slowly turned toward Iris-san, slowly bent its legs, and launched its body like an arrow.



The Salamander was flying toward Iris-san at a high speed as if its large body were an illusion.

Iris-san immediately jumped to the side and rolled on the ground to dodge it.

The Salamander passed her, and then it hit and destroyed the wall of boulders on the other side.

「That was close! How could this guy do that with that giant body!?」(Iris)

The Salamander who just headbutted the wall of boulders shook its head to remove the rocks and dust and turned around without any signs of being hurt at all.

Just how sturdy is this monster’s body!?

It turned to Iris-san and glared at her again.


The distance between the Salamander and Iris-san is not far.

It seemed like Iris-san wasn’t sure if she should throw another Freezing Stone or just run away.

However, before she could decide, Kate-san shot a Freezing Arrow and hit the Salamander’s neck, but just like the Freezing Stones, the ice spreading from the Freezing Arrow disappeared in an instant. The wooden shaft of the arrow was even turned into ash in no time.

『ーーAnd the soundless deep dark nightー』(Sarasa)

Still, it seemed like Kate-san’s Freezing Arrow did a little damage. The Salamander shook its neck, looking displeased.

It then turned its gaze toward Kate-san this time. It glared at Kate-san with a sharper gaze than when it glared at Iris-san.

The Salamander was quite far away from Kate-san but if it launched its body again like earlier, it would probably reach her.

Kate-san was aware of that. She spread her legs a little, ready to dodge anytime.

However, the Salamander made different movements this time. It looked upwards and began to take a deep breath.

Its throat could be seen from Iris-san’s position. Normally, it would be an opportunity for her to attack, but of course, her sword most likely won’t hurt it.

Realizing what the Salamander would do, Iris-san hurriedly ran to take a distance and covered her face with the hood of her Heatproof Coat.

Kate-san and I did the same. On top of that, we threw the Freezing Stones and Freezing Arrows we had on the ground to freeze our surroundings.

Almost at the same time, the Salamander lowered its head, opened its mouth wide, and spat out a burning flame.

Immediately, the temperature rose drastically. The air I breathed was hot, it burned my throat.

It was hard for me to open my mouth, let alone make a sound.

However, Iris-san and Kate-san are doing their best, so I can’t give up here!

『ーーThat brings quietness… and stops… all movementsー』(Sarasa)

This fire breath was quite long, so I forced myself to continue casting my spell.

Are Salamanders this strong? No… I’m pretty sure this one is exceptionally stronger than the normal ones. After all, Master told me that I could defeat them normally unless I fought an exceptionally strong one.

While feeling a little uneasy, I threw another Freezing Stone on the ground just so that I could breathe easier for a few seconds.

Freezing Stones cost three thousand and five hundred reas each.

When I was at school, it was hard for me to spend that amount of money to buy a notebook and an inkwell. Now, I’m just throwing an item worth that amount of money on the ground like it’s nothing.

I really have grown up…

I want Iris-san and Kate-san to use them without thinking about the price, but…

「Iris, are you okay!?」(Kate)

「Ughh… My throat is burning… but I’m fine!」(Iris)

The Salamander Breath covered this entire area but Iris-san was the closest to the Salamander.

Kate-san was worried because of that. She called out to Iris-san but Iris-san replied to her with a choked voice.

Hearing such a voice made me worried about her too.

However, there’s nothing I can do to help her now. All I can do is concentrate and cast my spell as quickly as possible.

While looking at the two who were trying to attack the Salamander again with a Freezing Stone and a Freezing Arrow, I kept concentrating on completing my spell.

I can’t afford to fail. It all depends on my spell now!

『ーーPunish those who stand in my way with eternal sleepー!』(Sarasa)

After I said the last words, I raised my arm.

Seeing me raise my arm, Iris-san and Kate-san ran toward me while throwing and shooting their Freezing Stones and Freezing Arrows.

After I confirmed that they were right next to me, I activated my spell.

「Eat this! FROZEN COFFINー!!!」(Sarasa)



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    1. Probably. Spell lines usually are the type where you don’t have to say them, but saying them allows the mind to focus. If you can focus your imagination without saying them, then your ‘danger index’ escalates.

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