Chapter 3-12 : Hunting For A Bit (part 1)


「Hold on! You said you can’t cut it through the hard scales but you just cut off its freaking head quite easily!」(Gil)

「Ahaha… This is weird…」(Sarasa)


I wanted to show them how hard the scales are but I ended up cutting off the lizard’s head.

The headless body was still moving for a moment, but it eventually stopped.

I was able to cut its head off was probably because the sword I got from Master was exceptionally sharp.

Come to think of it, I could cut through Hellfire Grizzlies’ thick skin with this sword when they attacked the village.

「Ahem! Anyway, this usually doesn’t happen. However, even if you can cut through their hard scales, you better not cut their bodies in two like I did because it will decrease the value of the materials, especially the hard scales.」(Sarasa)

Other than being used as alchemy materials, Lava Lizards’ hard scales are often used to make armor.

「Sarasa-chan, do you mind if we use this severed head to test our swords?」(Andre)

Andre-san pointed at the lizard’s head. Looks like they want to try to cut it.

I can still use the head for other things, but I guess I’ll let them do it if it can help them fight Lava Lizards later.

「I don’t mind, but please be careful not to hit it too hard or you will break your sword.」(Sarasa)

「Thank you. Alright then…」(Andre)

Andre-san, Gil-san, and Gray-san started taking turns to hit the severed head of the lizard with their swords but none of them managed to even scratch it.

「These scales are harder than I thought!」(Andre)

「Dammit! They’re as hard as rock!」(Gil)

「Even so, Sarasa-chan, whose arms are thinner than ours, could cut it off quite easily…」(Gray)

「I could do it because my sword is just exceptionally sharp, okay!?」(Sarasa)

I hurriedly explained when Gray-san said that with a face as if he lost confidence.

Although I have trained my arms to some extent, I don’t think I can cut through the hard scales with a normal sword.

After the men tested their swords, Iris-san stepped forward and did the same.

「Ha! …I see… These scales are indeed very hard…」(Iris)

「Hey, Iris! You just bought that sword. It’ll be bad if you break it.」(Kate)

「I know! I just want to try it once.」(Iris)

Iris-san replied to Kate-san who frowned at her.

Because Iris-san broke her sword when we fought Hellfire Grizzlies at the village a while ago, she bought a new one.

Her current sword was made by Jizdo-san, the only blacksmith in our village. However, because Jizdo-san is not a craftsman specialized in making swords, the quality of the swords he makes are not as good as the ones made by sword blacksmiths in the royal capital.

Considering the low price, I think the sword Jizdo-san made for Iris-san is good enough, but I think it could be better if Iris-san paid more.

Well, I understand why she didn’t want to use too much money, but honestly, I don’t want her to be worried too much about her debt to me and use her money as freely as possible.

「Alright, now we try the other side.」(Andre)

While saying that, Andre-san turned the severed head over, and then they started hitting it again in turns.

「Uhh… These scales are not as hard as the ones on the upper side, but still, they’re not easy to cut…」(Andre)

「Hngghー! …Ughh, I managed to stab it but it’s not easy…」(Gil)

「I’m starting to doubt that we can defeat these lizards…」(Gray)

The scales on the underside are softer than the ones on the upper side, but Andre-san and the others still had a hard time cutting them.

Apparently, the swords used by the three of them are not very sharp and are not suitable for fighting this kind of monster.

「Hmm… I think the most suitable person to fight these lizards is Kate-san.」(Sarasa)

「Eh? Me?」(Kate)

Kate-san looked at me with a surprised face.

「Yes. You can aim for their eyes from a distance, right?」(Sarasa)

「Well, as long as they don’t notice me. Let’s see… The moment this lizard noticed your presence, you were around there, right? I think I can do it with this distance.」(Kate)

After thinking for a moment, Kate-san nodded.

When we fought Hellfire Grizzlies, Kate-san could shoot their eyes precisely even though they were moving around, so shooting a Lava Lizard that is not moving in the eye is a piece of cake for her.

「The question isー is one arrow enough to kill them?」(Kate)

「Well, we don’t know unless we try. Let’s go find another Lava Lizard.」(Sarasa)


◇    ◇    ◇


After dismantling the Lava Lizard I killed and putting the necessary materials in our bags, we went to find another one.

「Aa, there’s one over there.」(Sarasa)

There was a Lava Lizard chilling near a steamy place. As I thought. They like warm places.

The Lava Lizard looked so defenseless. It didn’t notice us at all.

That lizard probably thought that it was safe because it had hard scales that protected it.

「Alright, I’m going to shoot its eye.」(Kate)

「Kate, show them your archery skill!」(Iris)

「I’ll try my best but don’t expect too much, okay?」(Kate)

Saying that, Kate-san drew her bow and released it.

The arrow flew straight toward the right eye of the Lava Lizard and pierced deeply into it.

「Good shot!」(Gil)

At the same time as Gil-san raised his voice, the Lava Lizard started rampaging.

Come to think of it, these lizards are quite tough. Even after I cut off the head of the first lizard, it still could move for a moment.

Even though the damage from Kate-san’s arrow is fatal, I don’t think it will stop moving soon.

It might die soon, but the lizard didn’t wait for it.

The lizard was just rampaging on the spot for a short time, and then it started to run in the opposite direction from us. It moved way faster than we expected.

「Aa! It’s running away!」(Iris)

「It’s moving so freaking fast!」(Gray)

Seeing the lizard run away, Iris-san and Gray-san raised their voices.

Iris-san then immediately ran after it.

「Iris-san, waitー!」(Sarasa)



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  1. … Iris… You almost died because you were reckless before, y’know? Why are you running off to chase a dying lizard by yourself?

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