Chapter 2-6 : Magic Stove Ⅱ (part 1)


Making a magic stove is surprisingly simple.

I just need to draw a circuit using special ink on the surface of two iron plates.

If you want to make general items like this, you can just follow the instructions in the Encyclopedia of Alchemy after all.

「Well, it’s simple to make, but not easy.」

Drawing the circuit and pouring a certain amount of magical power precisely was kinda difficult.

However, both are basic techniques in alchemy, so if you do it carefully, you won’t fail.

After I finished drawing the circuit, I scraped a hole in one of the iron plates to place the magic stone, and after I placed the magic stone there, I stuck the two iron plates together.

It already can be used if you just want to generate heat, but if you want to cook food on it, it’s not done yet.

To be precise, you can use it to cook, but it’s too dangerous. Your hand will get burned.

Well, of course, because when you use it, you have to activate the magic stone by touching the plate directly.

It’s okay if you just want to start a heat to warm your hands, but it will be too hot for your hand to handle if you want to use it to cook.

Therefore, I made a shallow wooden box about twice as large as the iron plates, spread special clay with high heat insulation performance on it, and embedded the iron plates in the clay.

And then, I put them together in the alchemy pot to harden the clay, but in exchange for its high heat insulation performance, this clay had one drawback which was it would become quite brittle once hardened.

The clay could crack if I hit the wooden box even with a little force.
That’s why the shipping cost was so high because they have to be really careful not to break it during shipping.

After that, I filled the gap between the clay and the iron plate with resin to eliminate unevenness between them.

And finally, I coated the entire surface with a special substance, and applied an anti-rust and waterproof function to it with alchemy, and then a standard magic stove that can be used for 30 years is completed.

Actually, there are two types of magic tools: the high-efficiency type that can be used by people with low magical power, and the big-output type for people who have moderate magical power like Diral-san, but I feel like it’s almost impossible to sell such items in this village.

Diral-san might be my first and last customer who ordered something from me here.

「Even if I put them in the store, I don’t think anyone from this village will buy it…」

Even the cheapest magic stove will cost 100,000 reas.

There are no dining halls other than Diral-san’s place in this village, and it’s just too expensive to sell in the area where people can get firewood easily like this village.

It might be cheaper than the ones in an urban area like the royal capital.

It’s easy to clean and you don’t have to buy firewood anymore.

However, 100,000 reas is still too expensive for common people to pay at once, so I don’t think I can sell it easily even in the royal capital.

「Let’s see….. The heat is good…. The temperature control… is working… Un! It’s a success!」

After I poured my magical power into it and confirmed that the magic stove was working, I nodded in satisfaction.

「Now, I just have to install it in the kitchen…….. Hnggu…! Ahh, it’s quite heavy…!」

It was almost 30 kilograms.

I was thinking of carrying it to the kitchen without using body strengthening to train my body at first, but then I gave up.

In the end, I used body strengthening to carry the magic stove to the kitchen and installed it in the place where the previous owner of this house installed his magic stove before.

Because I made it the same size as the installation place, it fit perfectly in place and didn’t wobble at all.

「Sarasa-san, is the stove finished?」(Lorea)

「Yup. Tada~!」(Sarasa)

I showed the newly made magic stove to Lorea-chan and Kate-san who probably came to the kitchen because they heard noises when I installed it.


「Hmm, hmm…」(Kate)

They both looked curiously at the magic stove.

Kate-san might have seen a magic stove before, but this was without a doubt Lorea-chan’s first time seeing one. She looked so excited.

「Let’s make tea to test it.」(Sarasa)

「Un! I’ll prepare it!」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan, who looked so happy to be able to use the magic stove, immediately grabbed a kettle, poured water in it, and put in some Suya tea leaves, which was the most common tea leaf in this village, and handed the kettle to me.

「Thank you, Lorea-chan. Alright, I’ll put this in the center of the stove, and…… Ignite!」(Sarasa)

Umm… It’s not using fire, so “Ignite” sounds weird.

I should have said “Activate!” instead…

Well, whatever.

Let’s think that it’s like a magic furnace that doesn’t use fire but people always say “ignite!” when they turn it on.

「Fumu, fumu. I see, so I should press this button, right?」(Lorea)

「Yup. The button on the left is to decrease the heat, and the one on the right is to increase it. Push this button if you want to turn off the stove. It will automatically suck your magical power as fuel, so you don’t have to manually pour your magical power into it.」(Sarasa)

While I was giving an explanation, the water in the kettle began to boil, and Suya tea was completed.

This magic stover was quite powerful.

It’s fine if we just use it to boil water like this, but if we want to use it to cook, we have to be careful not to overcook the food.

「Mmm~ It smells good. Alright guys, it’s tea time!」(Sarasa)


「Let’s drink it!」(Kate)

After we grabbed our own cup, I poured everyone their tea.

The beautiful green tea flowed out from the kettle’s spout.

Although it has a slightly raw flavor, I think it tastes good.
The refreshing scent is not bad either.

However, because this tea is unique and a bit different from other tea, you might not like it.
People have different tastes after all.



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