Chapter 1-18 : New Possibilities (part 3)


〈Sukri Grass : A medical herb that can be used as an ingredient for potions. It can also be used as an ointment for external wounds.〉

「Th, There it is!!」(Kako)

When I finally succeeded in creating a medical herb from random grasses, I felt as excited as when I got an SSR character in a mobile game.

「Woohoo! I did it! It’s just a medical herb but it’s not an ordinary medical herb! It’s a medical herb that was made from random weeds! With this I might be able to solve the problem of potion shortages in the town!」(Kako)

I put the Sukri Grass in my bag and picked the two weeds I made the Sukri Grass from.

「If I’m not mistaken, it was this one and this one, right? Alright, let’s appraise it.」(Kako)

〈Loae Grass : It can temporarily stop bleeding when applied to a wound.〉

〈Kika Grass : It can be brewed and drunk like tea.〉

「I see, I see… This one can be brewed like tea, huh? I wonder what it tastes like…」(Kako)

Now that I’ve learned which grasses I should collect, I decided to continue searching for them and synthesize them into Sukri Grasses.

After doing the same process for about ten minutes, suddenly, a half-translucent notification appeared in front of me.

〈Synthesis Skill has leveled up. Batch system has been added.〉

「Eh? I didn’t know my Skill could level up. What is this ‘batch system’?」(Kako)

I scrolled down the half-translucent window and found an explanation.

〈Batch system : Once you produce an item with Synthesis Skill, you can produce it multiple times as long as you have enough materials to make it.〉

「Ohh! I think I know what it is! I should try it now!」(Kako)

I collected five pieces of Loae Grasses and five pieces of Kika Grasses and put them on the ground. I then stretched my arms toward them and activated my Synthesis Skill.


As a result, they combined into five pieces of Sukri Grasses.

「I knew it! Now, I no longer have to do it one at a time. I can save more time with this function. This is really helpful!」(Kako)

This is a function similar to the one in crafting games where you can create as many items as you want. You just have to input the number.

It’s not a big deal but it really is a convenient function!

「Alright. Now I will collect Loae Grasses and Kika Grasses until I fill my bag and then synthesize them into Sukri Grasses at once!」(Kako)




ーNyat’s perspectiveー

「Hahh… She doesn’t seem to realize that she is in danger. She really doesn’t have a sense of crisis-nya…」(Nyat)

While Kako was busy collecting weeds, I decided to clean up the ‘trash’ around the area.

After I entered the forest deep enough until I could no longer see Kako, I turned around and headed in a certain direction while hiding my presence.

When I reached my destination, I saw two suspicious humans observing Kako while hiding in bushes.

They didn’t seem to notice that I was watching them from behind.

「What is that kid doing? Why is she collecting weeds?」(suspicious man A)

「Like hell I know. We just have to kidnap her, right?」(suspicious man B)

「Yeah, and then we can drink expensive wine to the fullest tonight!」(suspicious man A)

「Hehe, I can’t wait for it!」(suspicious man B)

Hmm… It seems that they want to kidnap Kako… But why…?

Do they know that Kako sold a Lost Potion to Izack?

「That cat seems to have gone somewhere. He’s supposed to be her escort, right?」(suspicious man A)

「I think so, but he left her alone. What an idiot.」(suspicious man B)

「Idiot? Me? Nope. You’re the idiot ones-nya.」(Nyat)

「Whaー!?」(suspicious man A)

「Since whenー」(suspicious man B)

「ーToo slow-nya!」(Nyat)

As soon as they noticed my presence, they quickly stepped back and grabbed the handles of their daggers.

However, before they could even draw their daggers, I dashed at high speed and delivered a double Cat Punch into their stomachs with my both hands at the same time, instantly knocking them unconscious.

Not only are they stupid but they’re also weak. They’re too weak for me. Even Ball Slimes are stronger than these garbage.

However, I didn’t let my guard down because I still could feel someone’s presence nearby. Though, I didn’t feel malice from them. I wonder if they’re not with these kidnappers.

「You there. How long are you planning on hiding-nya?」(Nyat)

「Haha, you notice me? As expected from a catto.」(Martz)

A familiar person came out of the shadows.

He was the elf who belonged to Izack’s party, Martz.

「So it was you-nya. You have been following us around, haven’t you-nya?」(Nyat)

「Yeah. I’m good at hiding my presence, you know? But… Now I have lost my confidence. Hahh…」(Martz)

「Oh, please. I’m just too good at detecting people’s presences-nya. You have a great stealth skill-nya. Trust me.」(Nyat)

「Haha, thank you, Mr. Catto.」(Martz)

「So? Are you here to capture these kidnappers-nya?」(Nyat)

「Yeah. We heard from the vice guildmaster that a group of people were looking for the person who healed Izack’s arm. Thinking that they might have found out that it was Kako-chan, Izack asked me to keep an eye on them.」(Martz)

「I see-nya…」(Nyat)

「I have been observing these men, but you caught them before I could even do anything.」(Martz)

「Hahh… They’re just small fry-nya. It would have been faster if you just immediately caught them and told them to lead you to their boss-nya. Aren’t you elves good at torturing and interrogating people?」(Nyat)

「Uhh… Some of us are indeed a bit of… sadistic. But I’m not like them. I wanted to do it carefully.」(Martz)

「Is that so? I still think beating them up and having them lead you to their boss is faster-nya. Oh, well. I leave them to you-nya.」(Nyat)

「Alright. Thank you, Mr. Catto.」(Martz)

As soon as he thanked me, Martz took out a rope from his bag and tied the kidnappers to a tree.

After that, I left him and returned to Kako.

「Kako, are you done-nya? I’m hungry-nya. Let’s go back and have lunch-nya.」(Nyat)


「I told you to stop imitating my habit-nya!」(Nyat)



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