Chapter 1-18 : New Possibilities (part 1)


「Eeehhhh….. But I don’t want to hurt them. They look so cute and friendly.」(Kako)

「Kako, you shouldn’t let your guard down. They are monsters. They have a natural instinct to harm us humans.」(Maitena)

Just right after Maitena said that, one of the Ball Slimes bounced forward, approaching me.

Its friendly face with a cute smile then suddenly turned into a furious face.

It glared at me. It looked really mad for some reason.


「See? Be ready. It’s coming.」(Maitena)

While glaring at me, the Ball Slime tried to attack me by jumping toward me, but I quickly dodged to the right side.


I was surprised that the cute slime suddenly turned into a ferocious beast, but my body reacted just in time probably because I trained hard with Maitena-san yesterday.

「Nice! Remember. Don’t try to be too aggressive. Dodge and parry your enemy’s attacks and try counter-attacking them when you see the opportunity.」(Maitena)



The slime tried to attack me again, but I dodged to the left side this time. Right after, I swung my dagger vertically, slicing the slime in half.


It then popped and turned into liquid like a balloon that was filled with water.

「I, I did it!」(Kako)

「Good job, but you should stay vigilant. Its friends are coming!」(Maitena)

Seeing their friend killed by me, the other Ball Slimes glared at me angrily and came at me at once.


I tried as best as I could to dodge their attacks and blocked the ones I couldn’t dodge in time with my buckler.

Their movements are slower than Maitena-san’s when she trained me yesterday. Still, it’s hard for me to dodge all of their attacks since they are attacking me from every direction and I don’t have super athletic nerves like Maitena-san.

As a result, one of the slimes successfully hit me. It bounced forward and crashed its body into my stomach.

「Gaahh!! It….. doesn’t hurt…? Ehh…?」(Kako)

I received its attack directly with my stomach, but I didn’t feel anything.

「Ball Slimes are low-ranked monsters who don’t have much attack power. They barely do damage in the first place. Plus, you’re wearing Great River Lizard Armor which has high defense. They won’t be able to hurt you no matter how hard they try.」(Maitena)

「I see.」(Kako)

「Because they can’t do much damage, beginner adventurers often hunt them for practice. You can defeat them easily even without expensive equipment after all.」(Maitena)

「So that’s why you took me to this forest.」(Kako)


After listening to the explanation, I decided to do a test by standing still so that the slimes could attack me.

ーPoyo poyo poyo poyo

I barely felt anything even though they were attacking me from every direction.

They hit my waist, my legs, my chest, and my back. I felt the impact a little but it didn’t hurt at all.

They really do zero damage to me… It feels like I’m playing a game with the easiest difficulty…

「Kaaako~ Just because they can’t hurt you, it doesn’t mean that you can slack off. Keep dodging!」(Maitena)

「Y-Yes, Master!」(Kako)

That’s right. They might barely do damage to me, but it won’t be good training if I’m only standing still.

I continued dodging and blocking the slimes’ attacks and counter-attacking them whenever I had a chance.

「Hya! Hya!! Hyaa!!」(Kako)

Their attack patterns are simple. I think can get the hang of it in no time.

「You’re doing great, Kako ojou-chan!」(Izack)

「Keep it up, Kako-chan~!」(Palfi)

「Stay focused-nya!」(Nyat)

I could hear everyone rooting for me. I can’t let them down.

I kept fighting the slimes until I defeated all of them.

「Phew… Finally!」(Kako)

「Don’t forget to stay vigilant. Check your surroundings. Even though the battle is over, other monsters might still come to attack you.」(Maitena)

「Yes, Master!」(Kako)

I looked around at our surroundings, making sure that there were no other Ball Slimes or other monsters hiding nearby.

「Hmm… Master, I think we are safe!」(Kako)

「Good. You did great for your first battle.」(Maitena)

「Hehe~ Thank you.」(Kako)

Like I said before. Maitena-san is strict but she often praises me. It feels good when someone is praising you.

While my heart was still pounding from the excitement of winning my first battle, Izack-san took something from the ground and handed it to me.

「Kako ojou-chan, don’t forget to take these.」(Izack)

It was two translucent small stone-like objects.

「These are…」(Kako)

「Magic stones. Sometimes monsters will drop them when they are defeated. They can be used as catalysts or materials to make magic items.」(Izack)

「Hoo… I see!」(Kako)

So these are magic stones! This is the first time I’ve seen them in real life.

They look similar to the ones in RPGs

「You can sell them, but magic stones from Ball Slimes are cheap, so you won’t be able to make much money from selling them. Even so, it’s still a valuable income for beginner adventurers.」(Izack)

「I see. Thank you, Izack-san.」(Kako)

They might be cheap, but thinking that these magic stones were the first reward I got from fighting monsters made me kind of excited.

「Ready to continue? If we run into Ball Slimes again, I’ll have you to deal with them.」(Izack)

「Alright, you can leave it to me!」(Kako)

After I put the magic stones in my bag, we continued going deeper into the forest.

Maybe becoming an adventurer is not a bad goal at all. I don’t know if I can become a strong adventurer like Izack-san and the others though.



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