Chapter 1-17 : Practical Training (part 3)


「Alright. Now try to dodge my attack. You can’t parry your opponent’s attacks every time. You need to dodge too sometimes.」(Maitena)

「I see. Okay, I’m ready!」(Kako)

「Here I go!」(Maitena)

Maitena-san slowly swung her dagger horizontally, at the same time, I bent my body backward to dodge it.

Soon after, she swung it vertically, and I quickly stepped toward the opposite side.

「Good! Now try to combine parrying and dodging. You must pay attention to your enemy’s attacks and decide whether you will parry or dodge it.」(Maitena)

「Yes, Ma’am!」(Kako)

After that, Maitena-san continued to train me for a few hours in the adventurer guild training ground.

I was so tired that I could barely stand on my feet.

「Alright. You seem to have learned the basics. I think it’s enough for today.」(Maitena)

「Hahh.. Hahh… *panting* …Thank you, Master…」(Kako)

「Tomorrow, we’re going to practice in the forest.」(Maitena)

「Huh…? Do we really have to do there?」(Kako)

「Yes. I want you to put what you have learned today into practice. You’re going to fight monsters tomorrow.」(Maitena)

Just when I thought the training was finally over, Maitena-san told me that.

「Eeehhh!? F-Fighting monsters!?」(Kako)

「You want to be able to protect yourself from monsters, right? Then it would be a good idea to actually fight them and get the feel for it.」(Maitena)

「But I’ve just started training! Isn’t it too dangerous for me?」(Kako)

「Don’t worry. I won’t tell you to fight strong monsters like Shadow Wolves or Killer Bunnies. You will be fighting weak monsters that even children can defeat.」(Maitena)

「I, I see… Alright, then.」(Kako)

If children can defeat them, that means an ADULT like me can easily defeat them too, right…?

Maitena-san won’t let me hurt. I think I should trust her.

「Even though you’re going to fight weak monsters, make sure you are prepared. Don’t forget to bring necessary items for adventure such as potions and stuff.」(Maitena)





The next morning, Nyat and I came to the entrance of the town to meet up with Maitena-san.

I brought Nyat along since he didn’t have anything to do for the day.

「Oh, there she is. Good morning, Kako, Mr. Catto!」(Maitena)

「Good morning-nya.」(Nyat)

「Good morning, Maitena-san! Izack-san and Palfi-san, too. Good morning!」(Kako)


「G’ morning, Kako-chan~」(Palfi)

Not only Maitena-san, but Izack-san and Palfi-san were waiting for me too by the gate.

「Are you two joining us for training?」(Kako)

「Yeah. I’m too worried to leave it to Maitena alone.」(Izack)

「Hahh… You’re such a worrywart. It’s not that we’re going deep into the forest today.」(Maitena)

「Yeah, but you know that the number of monsters has abnormally been increasing lately, right? There are no important quests from the guild today, so we’re free anyway.」(Izack)

「Izack’s right. It’s better if we accompany you.」(Palfi)

After agreeing with Izack-san, Palfi-san approached me and smiled at me.

「Kako-chan, I will heal you if you get hurt, so you don’t need to worry~」(Palfi)

「U, Un. Thank you.」(Kako)

She seemed to be treating me like a child, but her ‘onee-san’ aura made me a bit nervous for some reason.

If I ever wish for an older sister, then Palfi-san might be the perfect person for that role.

I noticed that the handsome elf wasn’t around. I wonder where he is.

「By the way, where is Martz-san? Is he going to join us later?」(Kako)

「No, he’s not coming. He has an important matter he needs to take care of.」(Izack)

「I see.」(Kako)

So he’s the only one working today, huh?

I wonder if the Steel of Wings party members don’t always work as a team.

「By the way, Kako ojou-chan, you’re wearing armor today. It looks great on you!」(Izack)

「Hehe~ It will be my first time fighting monsters. Besides, Maiteー I mean, Master told me to be prepared.」(Kako)

「Master, huh?」(Izack)

Saying that, Izack-san glanced at Maitena-san.

「W, What?」(Maitena)

「Nothing~ I just think that you’re doing great as her master.」(Izack)

「Of course I am~!」(Maitena)

「Haha… Let’s see…」(Izack)

After smiling awkwardly at Maitena-san, Izack-san looked closely at my armor.

「Hoo… River Great Lizard armor and a Giant Turtle buckler… You have a good taste! It’s pretty good equipment for a beginner. Ahh~ I remember I wanted top-class equipment like this when I was still a beginner. I couldn’t afford it cause I didn’t make much money yet back then.」(Izack)

It seems like my equipment is pretty good from Izack-san’s point of view.

「You think it’s good? I think Kako should wear better equipment such as Twin Fanged Wolf leather armor and Steel Beetle buckler.」(Maitena)

ーHowever, Maitena-san seems to have different thoughts.

Perhaps my equipment is not that great from her perspective.

「Huuh!? Those are luxury equipment that even mid-ranked adventurers can’t afford! That’s too overpowered for her!」(Izack)

「Is that so? When I was still a beginner knight, I had even better equipment, you know?」(Maitena)

「Hahh… Seems that our sense of values are too different…」(Izack)

Uhh… Seems like Maitena-san just has a different sense of values compared to normal people…

I wonder if she is from a rich noble family. She said she had been working as a knight since she was young, so maybe she is.

I don’t know if I should ask her about her past…

Maitena-san aside, I’m kind of curious about Twin Fanged Wolves and Steel Beetles since the equipment made of their materials seems to be very expensive.

「Say, Nyat, do you know something about those monsters?」(Kako)

「If I’m not mistaken, Twin Fanged Wolves are high-ranked monsters that move in packs and attack their prey as a group. They’re quite dangerous because of that-nya. You most likely would die if you challenged them alone-nya. Steel Beetles are beetle-type monsters whose skin is as hard as steel as the name suggests. They are one of the monsters with the highest defensive power in this world-nya. They are hard to defeat, and their materials are extremely hard to process. That’s why it’s very expensive-nya.」(Nyat)

「I see… Thank you for the explanation, Nyat sensei!」(Kako)

「Whoa, Mr. Catto seems to know a lot of things.」(Izack)

「He does! He’s like a teacher who teaches me various things!」(Kako)

「Oh, stop it. You make me embarrassed-nya.」(Nyat)

「Hahaha! Alright, enough talking. Let’s head to the forest, shall we?」(Izack)




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