Chapter 1-12 : Making Lost Potion (part 1)


After purchasing potions, Nyat and I returned to our room.

I took out the potions from my magic bag and lined them on the bed.

「Alright! It’s time to do some experiments with these potions!」(Kako)

「Nya nya~!」(Nyat)

Nyat, who was lying sideways on the other side of the bed, clapped his paws.

Due to a lack of stock, I was only able to buy five bottles of normal potions and two bottles of high potions.

There’s no spare, so I can’t waste them.

First, I will synthesize two normal potions so that I can appraise them.

I grabbed the potions and then used my Synthesis Skill.

「Two normal potions… Synthesis!」(Kako)

After that, I immediately appraised the result.

〈Normal Potion : It can heal small wounds. It can be drunk to heal your body from within.〉

「Normal potion…? Waaait a minute… Does that mean that the ones I bought were… low potions…?」(Kako)

Realizing that something was wrong, I immediately grabbed one of the potions I bought and appraised it.

〈Low Potion : It can heal minor wounds. It was a normal potion that was diluted with some chemical liquid. The effect is inferior to normal potions.〉

「I knew it! That clerk said they were normal potions. I can’t believe I got scammed!」(Kako)

The receptionist lady told me that it was a trusted shop. The clerk didn’t seem to be a bad guy either, but… Why did he sell me low potions?

「Kako, you should calm down-nya. He didn’t scam you-nya.」(Nyat)

「Eh? But… They’re low potions!」(Kako)

「They’re not exactly low potions-nya. Because there are not many potions in this town, people tried to increase the number of potions by diluting them with water or chemical liquid-nya. It will reduce their quality, but it’s better than the whole town completely running out of potions, right?」(Nyat)

Now that he mentions it, the description says that it was a normal potion that was diluted with some chemical liquid.

In other words, the potions I bought were normal potions from the beginning, but their quality is a bit lower than the quality of normal potions in general.

The description says that they are low potions, but they are actually close to normal potions, I guess.

「I see. So that’s what happened. But, is it really okay to reduce the quality of potions just like that?」(Kako)

「Like I said, having potions of slightly lower quality than usual is better than having no potions at all-nya. Reducing the quality of potions is indeed not good-nya, but it can’t be helped, especially when the town is in a bad situation-nya.」(Nyat)

「It can’t be helped… I see.」(Kako)

「Do you remember what the gatekeeper said before we entered this town-nya?」(Nyat)

「Umm, he said that the number of monsters in the surrounding forest is increasing, and they constantly attack this town because of that.」(Kako)

And that’s one of the reasons why the entrance fee was high.

「That’s right-nya. Apparently, this town is not as safe as it looks-nya. That’s probably the main reason why this town is running out of potion-nya.」(Nyat)

「You’re right. This town looks peaceful though…」(Kako)

Realizing the reality, I suddenly felt somewhat unsafe.

「Anyway, when you find something wrong with a product, you must find out the reason behind it before you can accuse someone of cheating you-nya. That’s what good merchants do-nya.」(Nyat)

「Understood, Nyat-sensei!」(Kako)

Now I feel bad for thinking that the clerk had scammed me.

I’m sorry, Clerk Onii-san…

「Well then, I’m going out for a while-nya.」(Nyat)

After giving me a good lecture, Nyat suddenly got up off the bed and said that.

「Eh? Where are you going?」(Kako)

「The adventurer guild-nya. They have announced a big quest to exterminate monsters-nya. I’m going to join the force to earn money for food-nya.」(Nyat)

「I see. I can share my money if you want, you know?」(Kako)

「No need-nya. Your money is yours. I want to earn my own money-nya.」(Nyat)

「Alright then, good luck and be careful not to get hurt, okay?」(Kako)

「You don’t need to worry about me-nya. I should be the one worrying about you-nya. Can you take care of yourself while I’m gone?」(Nyat)

「Geez, you’re treating me like a child again! You know that I went to the market by myself this morning, right? I can take care of myself. Besides, I’ll be busy experimenting with my Synthesis Skill today, so I don’t need an escort.」(Kako)

「Alright-nya. I’ll be back before dinner-nya.」(Nyat)

「Okay~ See ya~」(Kako)

After seeing Nyat off, I turned my gaze to the potions lined on the bed.

There are one normal potion (the one just I made earlier), three normal potions that are actually low potions, and two high potions.

「Alright. I think I’ll try to make a Lost Potion with one of these high potions.」(Kako)

To make a Lost Potion, you need Isca Grasses and high potions.

I took out one Isca Grass from my magic bag and grabbed one of the high potions.

「Umm… Waaait a minute… I still don’t know if these high potions are truly high potions or not.」(Kako)

That’s right. They might have been diluted with other ingredients just like the normal potions.

Hmm… I think I will synthesize one of these high potions with a low potion first to increase its quality just in case.

I put the Isca Grass on the bed, grabbed one of the low potions, and used my Synthesis Skill.

The result isー

〈High Potion : It can heal severe wounds. It can also connect torn limbs and fix the nerves.〉

Nice. Now it’s time to make a Lost Potion!

I grabbed the Isca Grass and used my Synthesis Skill.

「Isca Grass plus High Potion… Synthesis!」(Kako)

The two items glowed for a moment and merged into a red potion.

「Whoa… It has a different color. Well, it’s not surprising though.」(Kako)

Normal potions were green and high potions were blue, but this potion was red.

「I wonder if I really made the legendary potion that can’t be made anymore… Alright, now for the moment of truth… Appraise!」(Kako)

〈Lost Potion : It can regenerate lost body parts, but its effectiveness against normal wounds is low. It will lose its effect if you store it for a long time.〉

「Oo!! I did it!! I made a Lost Potion!」(Kako)

This is great! Now I can sell Isca Grass at a high price!

But, I didn’t know that Lost Potions are not very effective against normal wounds. Is it because they specialize in generating lost body parts?

Anyway, if that clerk onii-san was right, then I can sell it for a thousand gold coins!

But… Hold on… “It will lose its effect if you store it for a long time”?


So… it should be used immediately?



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  1. Which mean she can’t be rich immediately, and since she have to sell them instant the moment she make, people will suspicious that she might have a skill…

  2. People are going to be suspicious regardless. Lost potions haven’t been seen in what was it a couple hundred of years? Finding even one is going to make a big commotion. I could see the merchants, adventurers, nobles, and related guilds all moving if even a single confirmed lost potion appears. Who made it, or where was it found? I don’t think they would accept no for an answer.

    I’m going to make a guess that someone with a critical injury of lost limb will come in and she ends up using the lost potion on them.

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