Chapter 99 : The Forbidden Magical Weapon Rises To The Surface (part 2)


「What!? No way… We found out that this city was their hideout. It’s hard to believe that she left us without doing anything to us…」(Hanna)

「Dunno~ She said something about leaving this city though. Who cares about her anyway?」(Rozelia)

This woman… Her negligent attitude irritated me…

「How about your best friend, then? You’re so obsessed with Cecil, but you let Aspis take her without even fighting!?」(Hanna)

If Rozelia fought Aspis, she would have been injured for sure, but I couldn’t even find any grazes on her skin.

She must have been sitting on the ground, watching Aspis taking Cecil away without doing anything.

「Do you know how long it has been since I lost consciousness?」(Hanna)

「Umm… It’s been thirty minutes… Maybe?」(Rozelia)

Then they should still be nearby.

「Let’s find them. If we move now, perhaps we can still get Cecil back.」(Hanna)

「Get Cecil back? What are you talking about? She chose to follow that girl by her own will, you know?」(Rozelia)

「Well… That’s true, but…」(Hanna)

I’m lost for words.

But, wait a second… Why am I so worried about Cecil…?

No… I’ve known the reason all along. It’s pretty clear.

I have seen Cecil’s memories from when she was a baby, so of course I will sympathize with her.

Besides, she was so apologetic after defeating me in a duel that got me expelled from school. It seemed like she actually didn’t want to do that.

「If Cecil doesn’t want to be mine, then she doesn’t matter anymore for me. I had been trying so hard to support her as her best friend, but thanks to that cursed girl who came out of nowhere and stole her from me, my time and efforts were all for nothing! I couldn’t believe the day Cecil cheated on me with another girl would come! This is so frustrating!」(Rozelia)

I can’t believe this woman… She had been kind to Cecil like a best friend, but now she mocked her as if Cecil was a cheating girlfriend or something.

「Ah, that’s right! Hanna, please be my next best friend! Aa! I forgot that we have been besties all along~☆」(Rozelia)

Rozelia suddenly turned to me with a sparkling smile and said something ridiculous.

「Huh…? Are you crazy? Do you think I want to be your friend after knowing how rotten you are?」(Hanna)

She really disgusted me.

Thanks to her, the wonderful meaning of the word “best friend” has been tarnished in my mind.

I don’t know what it means anymore. Is “best friend” a shallow relationship like when you are forced to form a group with someone you don’t know well in a dance class in school because no one wants to be in the same group with you?

「Hanna, please don’t say that! If you are still mad because I had been bullying you in school, I will apologize as many times as you want! So, please! You might think that I’m lying, but I’ve been in love with you since you saved my life!」(Rozelia)


I couldn’t hold my anger any longer and unconsciously slapped her face. I hit her so hard that her face turned to the side.

With a stunned look, Rozelia looked back at me.

「Why…? Why did you hit me…?」(Rozelia)

「You really disappointed me… You are indeed a rotten woman, still, I thought you genuinely cared about Cecil since you had been trying to make her yours… but it seems like I was wrong… Is “best friend” such a meaningless relationship for you? Do you really not care about Cecil anymore?」(Hanna)

I grabbed her collar as I asked her, but she didn’t answer me. She just looked away silently.

「When I was unconscious, I found out everything… It appears that it wasn’t only Bazel who twisted Cecil’s personality, but you as well. If you don’t care about her anymore, then fine, I’ll find her myself, but I’ll make sure you take responsibility for what you did to her!」(Hanna)

I have no time to convince this woman. I need to find Cecil as soon as possible.

I released Rozelia’s collar and went out of the church.

I couldn’t find Aspis friends who had been surrounding the church until a while ago. Looks like they followed Aspis.

I looked around but I had no idea where they went. I hate my insensitiveness at a time like this…

I didn’t think running around the city without any clues was a good idea, so I decided to rely on the “inhabitants” that had lived in this city for a long, long time.

「Gods who reside in this city! Please tell me where Aspis and Cecil went!」(Hanna)

I can see gods residing in various things thanks to my ridiculously high blunt weapon level, but as always, they never answer my question. However, some gods reacted to my question.

The god of a broken cart left on the side of the road, the god of a rusty bench, and the god of a collapsed roof tile were looking at the road leading to the center of the city.

I’m sure they saw someone passing by that road just a while ago.

「Thank you very much!」(Hanna)

I bowed to the gods and started running toward the center of the city.

『The girl just now was the Sword Priestess, wasn’t she?』
『Do they intend to revive “it”?』
『”It” has been sealed for a long time. Why now?』(gods)

While running, I heard the nearby gods talking to each other.

Their conversation reminded me of what Laney and Bazel were talking about in Cecil’s memories.

“It” was sealed under the city of Rebenberg, and required the power of the Sword Priestess to be activated.

Yes, “it” was the forbidden magical weapon.

I have no idea what it is, but Bazel said that it was a trump card to defeat the Evil God.

I think it will be a very useful thing if it’s used properly, but… somehow I keep thinking something bad will happen if someone activates that weapon. Perhaps it’s because in Cecil’s memories, Laney strongly refused Bazel’s request to become the Sword Priestess in order to activate it.

I have a feeling that Cecil is only being used.

Aspis said that Cecil was fit to become the Sword Priestess.

Did she mean that Cecil could become stronger by becoming the Sword Priestess?

No, I don’t think so.

I think she is planning to use Cecil as the key to activate that forbidden weapon.

If that’s the case, then I won’t forgive Aspis!

Bazel, Rozelia, and now Aspis! Why is everyone trying to manipulate Cecil!?

I have to save her!

I kept running toward the center of the city until I could see the big lake, which was the symbol of this city.

But suddenlyー

ーBrrrrr ーBrrrr!!!

The ground started shaking greatly.

「Awawa! ーOuch!」(Hanna)

I stumbled because of the tremor and hit my face against the ground.

An earthquake? At a time like this? This must be…

After thinking carefully, it wasn’t too hard to grasp the situation.

I stood up and looked at the lake, and then I saw something huge appeared from the surface of the lake along with a great tremor.

「What is that? A giant monster…?」(Hanna)

I recalled the Kraken and the Hydra that I fought at the Ludley Bridge who actually were Galle-chan, but this one was far bigger.

It kept rising slowly from the lake and eventually exposed its giant body.

No… it wasn’t a monster…

It was a beautiful giant ellipsoid thing made by combining metal and wood neatly and firmly.

It had a pair of big white wings that looked pretty clean despite being in the water for a very long time.

There was an extremely large sword attached in the middle of its body. That sword was so big that even a giant didn’t seem to be able to hold it.

It kept going up and then started floating in the air.

「Eh? It’s floating…? Could it be… Is that the legendary airship, Ixmoira!?」(Hanna)

I love the stories of the adventurers, so I read myths too sometimes.

It was an incarnation of destruction that danced in the sky, ready to defeat the Evil God anytime during the war of gods, the magical flying fortress, Ixmoira.




At that time, I still had no idea that this would be the beginning of a great battle that would affect the entire foundations of the Kingdom of Gran, which would later be called the “Ixmoira Incident”.



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