Chapter 40 : Defeating Monster With The Mechanism


After waiting for hours, the night of the battle has come.
I wonder what kind of monster will come out this time?

The monsters that have appeared so far were mermaid, kelpie, undine, and kraken.
All of them were water monsters.

That’s why the carpenters and I were watching the surface of the water because the enemy would probably come from under the river.

Cecil and Rozelia were standing on the river bank.
I also stood on the river bank, but on the opposite side.

It’s full moon tonight, and we had torches, so the area wasn’t so dark.
However, the surface of the water reflected the night sky and was dark, so it was hard to see if there was a monster lurking underwater.

「Guys, look!」

The one who noticed it first was a carpenter who stood far downstream.
When he raised the torch in his hand to the front, the surface of the water shook greatly.


The thing that came out from the river was a huge snake.

「A giant snake…!? No, that’s―― Hydraaaaa!」



Along with that loud weird howl, two necks, no, there were many other necks appeared.

A giant monster that had eight necks that resembled a snake.
Its body height was about ten times the height of a human.

Compared to the monsters that have appeared so far, it had the same strength as the Kraken, or maybe stronger.

……But I was a little relieved.
Because I’ve read some stories where Hydra appears as the enemy in the books.

Its main attack method was a physical attack using those long necks.
The intelligence wasn’t so high, so the ‘mechanism’ that we prepared will not likely be wasted.

This is perfect actually.
If the monster that appeared was a small but smart monster, I had no choice but to rely solely on my power, like hitting the river with my hammer and blowing the enemy along with the water, maybe?

According to the carpenters, it seems that none of the monsters that appeared so far were attacking humans.
And this time was no exception.

The Hydra ignored the carpenter who was standing on the downstream and went up steadily upstream.

It probably would attack the newly constructed wooden part of the bridge with its thick necks.

But, I won’t allow it!



Responding to my voice, the carpenters pushed the metal levers attached to the iron pillars that erected on the four corners of the bridge.
The iron pillars were rotating and pulling the chains that wrapped around it, and then the chains were pulling the wooden bridge from both sides.
The wooden bridge, that was pulled by the chains, were separated into two, and the both sides were rising as the carpenters pushed around the levers.

Yes. The bridge that we made was a drawbridge.

When a monster appears, we will raise the bridge to make it seem as if the bridge has disappeared from the monster’s sight.
That was my aim from the beginning.

The Hydra couldn’t do anything about it.
Because the object it had to destroy disappeared, the necks that it swung, hit nothing but air.

Of course, it won’t work for the second attack.
The Hydra immediately turned to the side to attack the bridge that had been raised.

But, actually it was going as my estimation.
In the first place, I just wanted to buy some time and lure the monster into the middle between two risen bridges.

2nd mechanism, activated!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Chain Aquarium】! 」

I hit one of the iron pillars that was installed near me with my hammer.
Then, ten iron pillars that had been driven deep into the riverbed, rose to the height of the water surface and completely surrounded the Hydra.

The weakness of blunt weapon skill wasー it could only affect what I hit.
So, why did the ten iron pillars that were inside the riverbed rose when I hit a nearby iron pillar?
It was because the ten iron pillars inside the river were connected with the iron pillars on the bridge by chains.
Yes. My skill can affect the other object that is connected with the object I hit no matter how big the object is and no matter how far the object is.

The chains that were connecting ten iron pillars inside the river not only restrained the Hydra, but also delivered my skill to all the iron pillars.

The Hydra rampaged, trying to break the chains that were surrounding it.
However, the chains wouldn’t be broken easily, because I made them myself, so the level of toughness was different from ordinary chains.

Now, it’ll be easy.
I just have to attack it from the river bank using【Stone Bullet】until it dies.

But suddenly, there were two shadows landed on the iron pillar that came out of the water.

It was Cecil and Rozelia.

「Sword Skill :【Razor Thrust】! 」

When Cecil thrusted her rapier forward, light appeared from her rapier and penetrated the Hydra.

「O’ Dark Spirit, devour this evil with the black of night,【Dark Lance】! 」

A jet-black spear created by Rozelia’s spell, crushed one of the Hydra’s heads.

「Aaaー! Stealing someone’s prey is a crimeー!」

「Huh? “The early bird catches the worm”, right?」

Cecil injected a large amount of magical power into her rapier and jumped into the air.

This is bad! She will use a big skill!
At this rate the Hydra will be killed before I can use【Stone Bullet】!
What shall I do? Get in her way?… No, it’ll make her believe even more that I was the monster’s ally.

「――Eat this! Sword Skill :【Holy End】! 」

The nature of that skill didn’t seem to be much different from【Razor Thrust】she released earlier.
It was the same thrust technique that shot a ray of light.
However, the amount of magical power put into the blade was incomparable.
The light was enough to turn the deep night into midday for a moment.


The light thrust into the chained aquarium like a waterfall of light, and made the river undulated violently.

「Yeay! That’s Cecil for you!」

Well, I have to admit that her technique was cool.
But, only the technique! Nothing else!

Aa-aahh… She completely stole my credit…

But, Cecil, who just landed on the iron pillar, murmured while staring at the surface of the water.

「…No… It’s not over yet」


「Roze, can you illuminate the river?」

「O, Okay…」

When Rozelia raised her magic staff, a number of fireballs appeared from its tip and floated in the air.

I also stared at the chain aquarium, but… I noticed something strange.

The Hydra’s corpse didn’t emerge.




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  1. She’s unbearable, genuinely. Pompous to the core just like her shitty father and doesn’t even recognize the fact that she only got a clean hit in because of Hanna’ and the builders’ efforts. Seriously, she’s just a genuinely terrible person.

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