Chapter 50 : East Gate


「Okay, you can go~」

「Eh? Really? Is it okay?」

「It’s okay~ Nicola, you want to join your onii-chan?」

「Un! I also want to go!」

After I told Mom that I want to go with Delica and her dad to the nearby village, she lightly gave me permission like when I went to the forest with Celine.

Well, actually, I know she won’t mind if I go, but I never thought she would give me permission so easily like this.

「What’s wrong, Mark? Did you want me to say no?」

Said Mom after seeing my surprised look.

「Ah, no, no. I’m just surprised…」

Mom crouched down and looked at me and Nicola.

「You know? I trust both of you. Because… you both are my smart, strong, and cute children~」

As she said that, she hugged me and Nicola tightly.

「That’s why… I wasn’t angry at all when both of you secretly went to kobold’s forest to get herbs two years ago…!」

She found out!?

I looked at Nicola’s face.
She also made a pale expression.

「Did you think you could hide it? I’m your mother, you know? But I wasn’t angry at all… Un… not even a slightest bit~」

She said that but….. I feel like Mom’s hug is getting stronger and stronger…

It hurts! It hurts…!

After a moment of experiencing Mom’s bear hug, I felt relaxed all of a sudden.
It looks like Mom is going to release us from this WWE move.

She let go of us and put her hands on our heads.

「Mark, Nicola, have fun~」

Then, she smiled at us.

I can’t betray this smile.
I will enjoy this trip to the fullest and return safely for Mom’s sake.

「Un! Thank you, Mom!」


After that, I spent my days full of excitement like when I was about to go on a field trip.
It’s been a while since the last time I have this kind of feeling.

Before I’ll be going, I asked Gill to look over the vacant lot.
I also asked Celine about what I need to prepare for a trip, and bought them all.




Three days later.

On the morning of the day of departure, Delica and her dad, Gauche oji-san, came to pick me and Nicola.

Mom exchanged greetings with Gauche oji-san at the entrance of our inn.

「My children will be in your care for a while, Gauche-san.」

「Leave them to me. And after we come back, it’s my daughter’s turn to be in your care. Don’t hesitate to make her work hard.」

Saying that, Gauche oji-san looked at Delica.

Delica bowed at Mom and energetically saidー

「I’m looking forward to working here!」

「Ara~ Delica-chan is really an energetic girl. Un! I’ll train you hard when the time comes.」

Said Mom with a smile.
Next to her, Dad nodded deeply several times.

「Well then, we’ll be going now.」

「Mark, Nicola, have a fun trip~」

「Mom, Dad, we’re going!」

「Papa, Mama, see you later~!」

We were waving at Mom and Dad as we left.

When I looked up, I saw Celine waving at us from the second floor.


The carriage we will be using seems to be a rental, and Gauche oji-san had loaded the materials used for making the seesaw into the carriage before he came to pick us up.

The gate we will use is not the south gate which is close to my house, but the east gate near the rental carriage shop.

After walking through the town for a while, I could finally see the east gate.

East, huh?
This is Jack’s territory, right?
I haven’t seen him recently. I wonder if he’s doing fine.

「Boss, Jack has become an adventurer, right? I wonder if he’s doing well.」

「It looks like he’s adventuring quite a lot with his brother. Ah, by the way, I heard from Jack’s henchmen at Sunday School that his brother, Luck, was recently promoted to a rank-D adventurer.」

「Heeー Luck onii-chan is now rank-D, huh? He’s amazing.」

It seems that rank-F is fledgling, and it was still easy to go up to rank-E.
But it seems in order to go up to rank-D, you have to accumulate a lot of credibility and achievements.

Celine once told me that there were many rank-E adventurers who couldn’t go up to rank-D.
After that she said, “Well, I’m rank-C, though. Ahahaha!” with a smug face.

「Boss onee-chan, what building is that?」

While we were walking toward the east gate, Nicola pointed to a large squarish three-story building.

「Ah, that’s the Merchant Guild. And, Nicola…? The way you called me just now. Boss or Onee-chan. Can you choose just one?」

「Boss, then!」

「A, Ah… I see…」

Failing to make Nicola stop calling her ‘Boss’, Delica dropped her shoulders.

So that’s the Merchant Guild, huh?
The Adventurer Guild is in the center of town, but why wasn’t the Merchant Guild established in the center of town too?

While I was wandering like that, we arrived at the rental carriage shop.

In front of the shop, there was a magnificent stone statue of a horse.

It seems that this shop building had only reception and office room, while the stables and ranch were outside the town.

After waiting outside the shop for a moment, Gauche oji-san came out with the clerk.
Looks like he had completed the procedures.

Then, we went out of town through the east gate together with the clerk.

There was a ranch surrounded by fences on the left side of the gate, and I saw a horse eating grass there.
I wonder if we will be using that horse.

「Please wait a moment.」

The clerk headed to the ranch, and after a while, he came back with the horse and carriage.

Although it had a roof, the appearance was simple. It had no decoration at all.
It somewhat reminds me of a minitruck container in my previous world.

「Alright. Are you guys ready?」


「Nice! Now, go inside.」

After we energetically replied to Gauce oji-san, we approached the carriage.

The platform was a little too high for me and Nicola, but since Delica was tall, she got on first and then pulled us up.

The materials for making the seesaw had already been piled up inside, but there was more than enough space for the three of us to sit.
I was thinking of putting the materials in my item box if we didn’t get any space, but it looks like I don’t have to do that.

After confirming that we already got in, Gauche oji-san slowly made the horse walk.

Yosh! The one-night-two-days trip by carriage began!



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