Chapter 36 : Field Talk



Spontaneously, I made a loud voice.
Sister Lina was surprised; she looked at me with her eyes wide open.
Nicola made a blank expression the moment she learned that it was the dogyunzer that made her suffer.

「Y, Yes. It’s a dogyunzer. What’s wrong?」

「….A, Ahh… Dogyunzer was a food, huh. Aha, ha…」

「It was herb instead of food. We usually dry it and turn it into powder, and then mix it with water. It will help treat fever and sore throat」

So it was like a crude drug?
And Mom used such a thing as seasonings!? I should advise Mom again next time…

「But it doesn’t work for injuries. You need herb grasses that contain mana for that. We usually go to the forest to get those herbs」

「Ah, I heard from Lang that he sometimes goes out to the forest to collect herbs with Sister」

「Ara. You are a friend of Lang? Forest is not that dangerous if we’re not going deep, but still, it’s not 100% safe. I wish I could grow herbs here, but apparently it could only grow in the forest….. Speaking of herbs, I just remember I have to go pick them again soon…」

Sister Lina sighed.

Hmm… You can’t grow herbs that contain mana in the field, huh…

When I looked closer at the soil in the field, I could feel mana, but it wasn’t much.
The sand from the table and chairs that I made earlier, had more mana than this field.
It seemed that Sister Lina wasn’t so good at magic.

「Lina sensei. I feel mana from this field. Was it Lina sensei who cultivated it?」

「Yes, it was me. But it looks like Mark-san can do magic better than me」

Said Sister Lina while smiling and looking at the sand from the collapsed table and chairs.

「Ah! Lina sensei, you want to use that sand for the field? I think it will increase the mana in the field a little more」

「Yes! Thank you. I’ll replace the soil right away」

Sister Lina took a small shovel next to the field, and began to dig the soil.
Looks like she was having fun.
She made this field so that she could use the harvest to make food at the orphanage, but it seems this field was also her hobby at the same time.

But… herbs, huh…
I wonder, if I pour a lot of my mana into the field, can I grow it in the field?
Hmm… can I do something with the power of magic…?

I want to accompany her when she goes outside to pick herbs, but I’m sure she won’t allow me.
For now, let’s just talk about fields with her.

「Lina sensei, please tell me about the other vegetables. Actually, I also have a field in a vacant lot. I grow tomatoes there」

「Really? Growing the ‘blessings of the earth’ at such a young age, Mark-san, you’re amazing! Alright, I will teach you all I can teach. First, how about the cabbage? Cabbage is easily eaten by pests, so you have to diligently replace the mana in soilーー. . . . . .」



During the lunch break, Sister Lina taught me a lot about field.
I also received cabbage and cucumber seeds from her.
She also wanted to give me dogyunzer seeds, but of course, I politely declined.

Let’s plant the seeds tomorrow!

Now, the afternoon class began.

It was the time for religious education.
For me, who had actually met God, it was a kinda iffy class.

The image of the god worshiped in this world was a woman.
It was completely different from the old man god I met.

Maybe the old man god I met was the boss of the god of this world?
Or maybe both gods were ruling the different dimension at a different timer?
Ooor, maybe the god worshiped in this world was just a fantasy product created by the church?

It looks like it’s better not to think too deeply about this matter.
I don’t even want to ask Nicola about this.
For me, showing my feeling of gratitude and praying to the old man god who reincarnated me, is enough.

After the afternoon class, we sang a hymn together.
After that, today’s Sunday School was over, and students began to leave the classroom.

By the way, there was no ‘greetings after class’ custom to say “Sensei sayonara, minna-san sayonara” like in Japan.
*/Goodbye sensei. Goodbye everyone.

I looked around the classroom, and stopped Lang who was about to return to the orphanage.
Lang was a 9-year-old boy with short brown hair.
He was the tallest member in the Moonlight Wolf Team, because he grew tall so fast.

「Hey, Lang. You’re going to pick up herbs again soon, right? Would you do me a favor?」

「What is it?」

「I want you to dig up a herb and bring it whole with its root still intact. Would you do it for me? Just one is enough」

「Herbs? ……Ah, I see. You want to grow it in the vacant lot, don’t you? Sister said that herbs aren’t suitable for cultivation though. But, if it’s you Mark, you might be able to grow them. Alright, I’ll bring it to you」

「Thank you! But for the time being, I plan to grow it in the corner of my house because it will be easier for me to observe」

「I see. If you can grow them in a large number, please share some to the orphanage」

「Okay! So, when will you go?」

「Hmm… We’re kinda busy now, so maybe it will be next month. Are you in a hurry?」

「I see. I want to try it as soon as possible, but it’s okay, it’s not that I’m in a hurry or anything. Well then, I’ll be counting on you at that time」

「Ou! You can leave it to me」

I waved my hand to Lang, and then went home with Nicola.

ーーAt that time, I didn’t notice that Jack was watching us from the corner of the classroom…



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