Chapter 35 : The Field In The Church


Today is Light Day (Sunday).
It’s the long-awaited Sunday School day!

Nicola and I went to Delica’s house and then headed for the church with Delica and Yuuri like last week.

「Ahh~ I’ve been waiting for this day」

When I unintentionally said that, Delica, who was walking in front of me, looked back and stared at me with a look full of expectations.

「The field, right? If you want to plant something next time, I think fruits would be good!」

「Boss… it’s because you just want to eat them, don’t you? And I think there were only vegetables in the church field though」

「Ah, that’s right. Too bad」

Delica shook her red-haired ponytail.

In the first place, I didn’t know if fruits could be grown in a simple field for vegetables.
Well, if it’s a magical field, it might be possible.
I should ask about this too to Sister Lina.

After we arrived at the church, we entered the classroom.
I looked around for a while, but Jack wasn’t here.

After sitting in the classroom for a while, Sister Lina came.
Jack followed her from behind, and he quickly sat in the back seat.
He seemed to be hiding himself until the class started.
Is he avoiding me?

And then, the class started.
First, we were going to study letters using building blocks like last week.
I could read letters thanks to another world language skill, but I couldn’t write them, so this study method that specialized in reading didn’t seem to be very effective for me.
However, there were several 6-year-old children besides me and Nicola, so I had no choice but to make letters with the blocks as they did.

After learning to read, we learned to count.
The other day, Nicola was able to easily solve the multiplication problem in the Adventurer Guild, but here, she was trying to be cute and using her fingers to count even though Sister Lina told us to try not to use our fingers.

After the math lesson, it was time for lunch.
Even though the church received donations, they still couldn’t afford to serve lunch for the children who were not orphans.
Therefore, the non-orphan students would usually go home to have lunch, and then back to the church for the afternoon class. Or, we could just simply bring a lunch box here.

Last week, Nicola and I went home to have lunch, but today, Dad made us lunch boxes.
Nicola and I wandered around the outside of the church to find a good place to eat our lunch.

Eating in the classroom is cool, but the weather was nice today, making us want to eat outside.
After wandering around the church, in the end, I thought the backyard, where I had a duel with Jack last week, was the best place to eat lunch, so we walked there.

When we entered the backyard, there was Jack eating bread while leaning against a big tree.
He noticed us and hurriedly stuffed the bread in his mouth, andー

「Nguguguー! Hmmpp!」

It seemed that the bread stuck in his throat.
He was hitting his chest violently.

「Umm. Want some water?」

「Nggugu……! Nggmphh! *forcefully swallow the bread*… Ahh… N, No! I’m fine!」

Jack left quickly while breathing hard.
Apparently, he really tried to avoid us.

Although it was his own fault, it seemed that the mental damage caused from me stripping his pants and his brother shaming him in front of Nicola, hasn’t recovered yet even a week has passed since then.

「Hmm… I think we should be more considerate toward him from now」

「Yeah. Originally, it was my beauty that created this tragedy」

Well, he already apologized to us. Besides, what he did didn’t reach the level where it made us hold grudges against him.
I kinda wanted him to return to normal. To a degree he didn’t cause any inconvenience to anybody, of course.

While thinking like that, I took out our lunch boxes from my bag that was hung diagonally on my shoulder.
Actually, I took it out from my item box that I opened inside the bag.
Time didn’t advance in the item box, or maybe it was advancing but at a very very slow pace.
Thanks to that, the food I stored inside wouldn’t spoil

I wasn’t using mana at all today, so I tried to make a table and two chairs as today’s practice.
Then, Nicola and I sat down, and opened our lunch boxes.

There were two sandwiches in each lunch box.
One was filled with cheese, ham and lettuce.
The other one was chicken, tomato and lettuce.
The tomatoes were most likely magic tomatoes I grew, because I still didn’t like the ordinary tomatoes.

After I took out two wooden cups and poured water with water magic in it, the two of us started eating.

「Onii-chan, I saw you didn’t concentrate on today’s class. Well, I know it was because the lessons were too easy. How about you ask the sister to raise your study level?」

「Hmm. You’re maybe right. Yuuri was taking the same class as Delica, right? So I think grade skipping is possible, but….」

Reading, writing, calculations and religious education. From all the subjects taught, writing was the only one I needed.

「Nah. I’m okay to continue like that. Even if I skip the grade, it seems I wouldn’t be able to learn anything new from reading or calculations in that grade. Besides, I could still learn various things other than reading, writing and calculation, so I’m not dissatisfied」

Sometimes, I learnt the common sense and ideas of this world from the sister and the other children by observing them. So, coming to Sunday School will never be useless.

「I see. Well, if you really want to study, you should go to the school in the capital instead of skipping grade in this school」

Capital, huh.
This town was just one of many post-towns that were connected to the capital.
I wanna go there someday.

While talking like that, we finished eating our lunch.
When we were chilling for a while, Sister Lina came with a watering can in her hand.
It seemed that she was going to water the field.
Alright, this is my chance to talk with her.

「Lina sensei, can I watch you taking care of the field?」

「Ara, Mark-san, Nicola-chan. Yes of course, but… I wonder if there were a table and chairs in this place?」

Sister Lina tilted her head while touching her chin with her index finger.
What a cute pose.

「Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll remove it now」

The table and chairs instantly turned into sand.

Sister Lina looked surprised. She covered her mouth with her hand and opened her eyes wide.

「Mark-san… So you’re good at magic!?」


After I answered her cheerfully, I approached the field that I couldn’t see properly last week.

I only saw cucumbers and cabbage last week, but now I saw another plant.
The fruit of that plant was black, it looked like seirogan.

*/ Seirogan is a drug marketed in Japan. It’s used to treat gastrointestinal system (digestive system).

I picked up one of the black fruits that had fallen to the ground and sniffed it.
It smelled bitter. But, wait… I feel like I’ve smelled it somewhere before…

「Lina sensei, what is this fruit?」

「It’s called dogyunzer, you know?」

So this is the evil fruit that Mom put in her cooking as a ‘secret ingredient’!? (chapter 7)



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