Chapter 294 : Tio’s First Night In The Container House


「Celine, what kind of place our next destination is?」(Mark)

After we all finished bathing, Celine, Nicola, Ester, Tio, and I are having dinner together at the dining table.

Tonight’s menu is my dad’s special gratin. Because time stopped in my Item Box, the gratin is still piping hot.

After taking a sip of her Gupul wine, Celine answered my question.

「Our next destination is the town of Torfay. It’s also a post town so it’s not that different from Fatia. However, unlike Fatia, there are many vineyards in Torfay since wine is the specialty product of that town. Because of that, there are also a lot of bars there.」(Celine)

「Ah, by the way, I’m going to work at a bar that is run by my uncle. My main job will be serving customers like I normally do in my parents’ inn, but this time, I will mostly serve male customers. *munch munch*」(Tio)

While enjoying her gratin, Tio joined the conversation.

She said about serving male customers. I wonder if she will be working at a bar like Pamella’s mom’s Iris Bar as a hostess.

「There are also a lot of liquor stores where you can buy various kinds of wine at pretty cheap prices. I remember the last time I visited that town, I saw someone with an Item Box buying tons of wine. It made me a bit jealous, to be honest.」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine glanced at me and smiled.

I guess I know what she was trying to say…

「Uhh… Celine, if you want to buy wine, you can put them in my Item Box.」(Mark)

「Yay~! I love you, Mark! Ahh~ I’ve always wanted to buy tons of wine at once~」(Celine)

「You can buy a lot of wine but remember not to drink too much, okay?」(Mark)

「I know, I know. Geez, you sound like my mom now.」(Celine)

Celine hugged me and patted my head roughly.

When she let go of me, Ester, who was holding a cup of hot milk with both hands, looked at Celine and asked.

「Celine, are there any carriage rental shops in Torfay?」(Ester)

「There are, but people usually use public carriages like this to go to the capital. Ester, do you want to rent a carriage instead?」(Celine)

「Yeah, I want to be the coachman! I want to be useful because I haven’t done anything during this journey.」(Ester)

「I don’t think you have to worry about being useful or not, but, well… If you want to be an adventurer, I think you should get used to handling horses. Alright, let’s rent a carriage to go to the next destination once we get to the town.」(Celine)

「Un! Thank you, Celine!」(Ester)

Ester nodded at Celine enthusiastically.

「Hee~ So, Ester-chan wants to be an adventurer.」(Tio)

「Yup! It’s been my dream!」(Ester)

Ester answered Tio with a smile.

She is a bit shy, but thanks to Tio’s good communication skills and good personality, Ester is able to talk with her with no problem.

「I see. An adventurer, huh…? It’s a dangerous job, isn’t it? You and Celine are beautiful women. You can make a lot of money without risking your life, you know? For example, working as a hostess in a bar like I will be doing.」(Tio)

「A hostess?」(Ester)

「Yup. Your job is mainly serving male customers. You will get paid by them if you chat and drink with them.」(Tio)

「Eh? You get paid by just drinking and chatting with them? But, why?」(Ester)

Ester looked confused.

Well, there’s no bar in Schultria Village, so it’s only natural that she doesn’t understand.

「Umm… That’s because… Uhh, how should I put it…?」(Tio)

Seeing Ester’s innocent yet confused face, Tio tried her best to think of a way to explain, but then she gave up.

「I’m sorry, Ester-chan. I think it’s too soon for you to understand. Ahaha…」(Tio)


Ester’s long ears drooped as she pouted.

By the way, she is not wearing the earrings magic item right now because she took them off when she went to bathe with Celine, so I can see her pointy elven ears now.

Seeing Tio’s apologetic face, Ester giggled. Seems like she was just joking.

After we had a peaceful dinner, we chilled in the living room for a while and then went to sleep.

Nicola wanted to sleep with Tio, so Tio and Nicola were sleeping together in Nicola’s room. Celine and Ester spread mattresses in the living room and were sleeping there.

I was the only one sleeping alone by myself in my own room.

Before sleeping, I activate my sensing magic in case monsters or bandits come to attack while we are sleeping.

Well, I actually don’t have to do it since Nicola would sense the danger faster than me, but I want to do it for practice.

A few hours into sleep, I suddenly woke up as I sensed a movement outside the house.

I don’t think it was a bandit or a monster since Nicola didn’t come to wake me up.

I think it’s either Garrett or Lumon. I could tell one of them got away from the carriage for a minute and then returned.

Probably one of them was taking a pee somewhere and then returned to the carriage.

I’m not sure but since it wasn’t a monster or bandit, I decided to go back to sleep.




The next morning, we woke up a bit early because we didn’t want to be left behind.

After a quick breakfast, we went outside together.

Nicola wrapped her arms around Tio’s waist as Tio looked up at the container house.

「Aahh~! I never thought camping outside could be this comfortable! Thank you so much for letting me sleep in your ‘tent’, Mark!」(Tio)

「You’re welcome. You can join us again tonight if you want.」(Mark)

「Of course! I can’t wait to bathe in the open-air bath again tonight! Mark, if there’s something I can do for you to return your kindness, please let me know.」(Tio)

「Hmm… Then, can you watch over my little sister until we get to the town? She seems to like you a lot.」(Mark)

「Fufu. I like Nicola-chan too, so it will be my pleasure!」(Tio)

Saying that, Tio stroked Nicola’s head.

『Well said, Onii-chan!』(Nicola)

『Don’t forget, you owe me one for this.』(Mark)

『Alright, alright.』(Nicola)

After talking with Tio, I put my container house back in my Item Box.

The five of us then descended the hill, heading to the carriage where Garrett and Lumon were waiting for us.

「Good morning, everyone. I’m glad you all woke up early.」(Garrett)

「Good morning. Well, we don’t want to be left behind after all.」(Celine)

「Gaahaha! There’s no way I would leave my customers behind! Anyway, let’s get onto the carriage and continue our journey, shall we?」(Garrett)

After Garrett finished the preparation, we all got onto the carriage.

When I looked at the coachman seat as I got inside, I saw Lumon grinning at me for a split second.

I wonder why…



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  1. I wonder if Japan is really as safe as Japanese authors say, after all, this innocence of Japanese MCs is very absurd, if these people fell here in Brazil they wouldn’t last a day. And considering Curitiba is one of the calmest cities I’ve ever been to, if it were in Rio de Janeiro, forget that they wouldn’t even have a soul anymore.

    1. Just note this into your skull when reading japanese novels:

      Male characters, usually the Main Character, are extremely dense, deaf on romantic occasions, and mostly indecisive pieces of shit~
      Rejoice if the MC isn’t dense and proactively response to the heroines’ advances~
      Most harem revolves to a dense mf, rare to a chad ones~
      Female characters that is a Main Character, are also dense or equal to a supermassive black hole~
      Female MC are usually dumb at other things but genius to one thing~
      Female MC deflects the male characters’ advances like DIO deflecting Kakyoin’s Emerald Splash with 1 finger~

      Don’t expect that much on a harem mc, the japanese authors are equally pathetic as their main character(s)~

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