Chapter 282 : Logs


We went through the gate and entered the village.

Looking around the area, I noticed there were many buildings in this village.

Compared to Secard Village and Schultria Village, this village is way more prosperous.

The air was pretty cold but I saw children my age running around the main street.

Nicola was looking at them while resting her chin on her hand. She didn’t seem to understand why they could be very energetic in cold weather. Meanwhile, Ester was looking at them while swaying her body from side to side. Perhaps she wanted to do some exercise as soon as possible after seeing those children.

Our carriage kept moving forward along the main street of the village, heading toward the inn where we would be staying tonight.

By the way, we will part with Kazuul-san in this village because we will take the public carriage that goes to the town of Torfe.

The public carriage from this village usually leaves early in the morning. It’s already noon now, so we have no choice but to stay at the inn tonight.

I was planning to use my container house if the inn was expensive, but Celine said it was not. Besides, she seemed to want to drink alcohol at the inn tonight. She had been in this village many times before.

After traveling slowly along the main street for a while, I saw a short but well-built man looking at us as if he had been waiting for us.

「Yo, Kazuul-san! Welcome! I heard that you had arrived not long ago, so I came to say hello.」(man)

「Valley-san, glad to see you again!」(Kazuul)

Kazuul-san greeted the man and slowly stopped the carriage.

Apparently, they are acquaintances.

The man called Valley approached our carriage while rubbing his hands against each other to warm them.

「By the way, thanks for selling me a large amount of firewood last time. I made a lot of money thanks to you! Hahaha!」(Valley)

「Have you sold them all?」(Kazuul)

「Of course. Everyone in this village needs firewood. You see, there are almost no trees around here.」(Valley)

It seems that the man is a merchant in this village who usually buys goods from Kazuul-san, and the last thing he bought was firewood.

Hold on… Firewood…?

Ah, I see now…

Deel once said that he sold all the firewood in the village storage to a peddler in order to hold a party for Celine to keep her in Schultria Village. (ch 263)

It seemed that the peddler he was talking about was Kazuul-san.

Kazuul-san then sold the firewood to Valley-san, and then Valley-san sold it to the villagers here.

So, the people in this village seemed to be using the firewood Deel took from the village storage.

Remembering how stupid that green man was, I sighed and shook my head.

Oh, right. Valley-san is a merchant who sells firewood, so he probably wants to buy logs from me.

I have so many logs from the trees I cut down when I built my container house and the bathhouse in the forest near Schultria Village.

I stuck out my head outside and greeted the man.

「Hello, sir.」(Mark)

「Whoa! H, Hello…」(Valley)

Valley-san didn’t seem to notice there were other people inside the carriage, so he was a bit surprised when he saw me.

「Hoho~ Looks like you’re not alone today, eh? …Hm? Ah, I see.」(Valley)

For some reason, he clapped his hands once after seeing Celine.

「Kazuul-san, you had been single for decades but finally you married a beautiful woman, huh? Congrats, you lucky bastard!」(Valley)

While saying that, Valley-san looked inside the carriage and smiled at Celine.

Ah, he seemed to have the wrong idea. He probably thought that Celine was Kazuul-san’s wife and Nicola, Ester, and I were their children.

Although Valley-san meant no harm, Celine glared at Kazuul-san, urging him to deny his friend.

「Hiiiyy!! V, Valley, she’s not my wife. She and these children are my friends. They’re going to Fatia, so I take them here.」(Kazuul)

Kazuul-san explained with a slightly trembling voice.

It seemed that Celine’s cold face frightened him a bit.

「Eh? Is that so? Aaa! I’m sorry! I got the wrong idea!」(Valley)

「Fufu. It’s alright.」(Celine)

「Ahaha… So, Boy, do you need something from me?」(Valley)

Valley-san turned his gaze to me and asked.

「You bought firewood from Kazuul-san, right? Do you buy logs as well?」(Mark)

「Logs, huh? I need to see them first. If they are in good condition, I’ll think about it.」(Valley)

「I see. Kazuul-san, I need to use my Item Box, so…」(Mark)

「Ah, I see. You don’t want other people to find out about your Item Box, right?」(Kazuul)

I replied to Kazuul-san with a nod.

He then moved his gaze to Valley-san.

「Valley-san, can I park my carriage at the back of your store?」(Kazuul)

「At the back? Sure…」(Valley)

As soon as we got Valley-san’s permission, Kazuul-san drove his carriage around Valley-san’s store and parked it next to a large warehouse on the lot behind the store.

I got off the carriage, searched for《Nave log》on the item list that popped into my head, and then took some of them out as samples.

「Hee~ So you are an Item Box Holder, huh? Alright, let’s see your logs… Hmm…」(Valley)

Valley-san started observing the logs. He looked at them closely, tapping them, and shaking them.

After checking them for a while, he turned to me.

「Not bad at all. I think they are worth three silver each. What do you think?」(Valley)

I don’t know the market price for logs, so I turn to Kazuul-san.

He noticed my gaze and then nodded at me. It seemed that three silver is a fair price for a log.



When I was about to agree with the price, suddenly, Celine interrupted.


「Do you mean four silver each? Hmm… I think it’s too pricey…」(Valley)

「Mark is no ordinary kid. He can dry these logs with magic. Four silver coins for a dry processed log. I think it’s a fair price.」(Celine)

「Eh? This boy can do that? Is that true?」(Valley)

Valley-san glanced at Kazuul-san with a puzzled face.

「Yeah. I heard about it from Tori. He may be a child but he’s a great magician, you know? Mark, show him how it’s done.」(Kazuul)


I stretched out my hands toward one of the logs, focused my dark-attributed mana in my palms, and activated Energy Drain.

The log dried in just a matter of seconds.

「It’s done.」(Mark)


Valley-san tapped and shook the log like before, and then he took a deep breath.

「It’s completely dry… I’ve never seen someone using magic like that before. Alright. Boy, I’ll buy them for four silver coins each.」(Valley)

Great! I made a lot of money today!

I glanced at Celine, who was crossing her arms and smirking behind me, and raised my thumb up.

She replied to me with a thumbs up as well.

「How many logs do you want to buy?」(Mark)

「Oh? You still have more? Well, you have an Item Box, so it’s not weird, huh? I’ll buy as many as you have.」(Valley)

「R, Really!?」(Mark)

「Oi, Valley, you better say the number you want or else you will go bankrupt for sure.」(Kazuul)

Knowing how large the capacity of my Item Box was, Kazuul-san giggled, while Valley-san tilted his head, looking confused.

「Huh? Well, it would be great if I can buy thirty logs, but it’s impossible to carry that many logs even with an Item Box, right?」(Valley)

I actually have hundreds of them, but this man will be shocked if I tell him, so I decided to sell the amount he wants.

Since I already took out five of them, I took out twenty five more logs from my Item Box and lined them up on the ground.

Valley-san opened his eyes wide when he watched me doing it.

「Wha… What!?」(Valley)

「So… Would you buy them all?」(Mark)

「O, Of course! Wait a second!」(Valley)

Valley-san quickly entered his store through the back door. It seemed like he went to get his money.

While waiting for him, I started drying the logs.

As soon as I finished drying all of them, Valley-san returned with a small leather pouch.

「Here’s your money. Thank you, Boy! Now I can make a huge amount of money by selling them!」(Valley)

Valley-san looked so happy. If it was a manga, his eyes would have turned into a $ symbol.

「Boy, will you come to my store again in the future? I will definitely buy your logs again!」(Valley)

「Ahaha… I don’t know if I will come to this region again, but I’ll visit your store when that time comes. Thank you, Valley-san.」(Mark)

「I see. You’re welcome!」(Valley)

I got twelve gold coins from selling those logs.

I never thought I would make so much money today.



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