Chapter 281 : A Large Houses In The Middle Of The Plain


Next morning.

The first thing I did when I woke up was stretch my back and look out the window.

It was still dark outside, and I could feel the cold just by looking at the sky.

I think we still have a lot of time before we continue our journey.

When I came out of my room I saw Celine, Ester, and Nicola in the living room. Celine and Ester were awake, but Nicola seemed to be still sleeping while clinging to Celine’s waist.

「Good morning, everyone. If you want to wash your face, you can use the sink in the kitchen. 」(Mark)

「Good morning, Mark. Guess I’ll wash my face then. Nicola-chan, you should wake up already.」(Celine)

After Celine shook Nicola’s shoulder gently, Nicola rubbed her eyes and slowly opened them.

「I’m… awake…」(Nicola)

「Let’s wash our faces.」(Celine)


While they were walking toward the kitchen, Nicola turned her sleepy face to me and sent a telepathic message.

『I thought Celine would sneak into your room last night, so I kept pretending to be sleeping for a while. Now I feel really sleepy because of that…』(Nicola)

『Hahh… What in the world were you thinking? Well, too bad for you, nothing happened last night.』(Mark)

『I know… Ah, why don’t you sleep with Celine tonight? I’m sure she won’t mind.』(Nicola)

『I won’t. I’m not a pervert like you.』(Mark)

『That’s too bad~』(Nicola)

While I was seeing Nicola and Celine off to the kitchen, Ester approached me.

「Good morning, Mark. Umm… I can’t use water magic, so can you…」(Ester)

「Ah, you want me to fill a bucket with water for you? Of course.」(Mark)

「Ehehe, thank you…」(Ester)

When Ester thanked me and scratched her cheek shyly, the hair ornament on the tip of her hair swayed on her chest.

I noticed that she did her hair already, unlike Celine and Nicola whose hair was still a bit messy.

When we were still in Schultria Village, Ester always came to my house before Nicola and I woke up, so I think she usually wakes up much earlier than us.

Next time, I will wake up earlier so that Ester doesn’t have to wait too long for me to fill her bucket with water to wash her face.

We took turns to wash our faces in the sink. When my turn came, I made a sphere of water with water magic and stuck my face in it for a few seconds.

After I wiped my face with a towel, I saw Kazuul-san through the kitchen window. He was cleaning up the bonfire.

He seemed to notice me, so I waved my hand at him and then returned to the living room.

Celine and Ester are currently talking while drinking mineral water.

「If you don’t look out the window and see the vast plain outside, you might think that we are at an inn in a town. Ester, normally, people don’t camp outside like this. You normally spend a night in a tent, not a house. If you’re planning on becoming an adventurer, you need to keep that in mind.」(Celine)

「Of course, I know. I’m not that stupid.」(Ester)

「Fufu. You’re right. I’m sorry.」(Celine)

Celine giggled when Ester replied to her with a pout.




After changing clothes, we packed our belongings and went outside.

The sun that was just starting to rise illuminated the meadow dimly.

It’s nice to see the sunrise on a vast plain like this once in a while.

After Kazuul-san finished feeding his horses, I put my container house in my Item Box and filled the hole I dug for the toilet with soil using earth magic.

It would be bad if small animals or a passerby fell into the hole, so I had to get rid of it before going.

While I was walking toward the carriage, my eyes met with Ester’s. Soon after, her face turned bright red for some reason.

「I, I’m going to help Kazuul-san prepare his horses!」(Ester)

「A, Alright.」(Mark)

Ester ran hastily toward the carriage with her face still red.

I was wondering what was wrong with her, but I think I shouldn’t worry too much about it.

After Kazuul-san finished the preparation, he called out to us.

「Alright, let’s get on, everyone~! We’re going now!」(Kazuul)

Kazuul-san must have slept wrapped in a blanket in the carriage under the cold sky last night, but he didn’t seem tired.

Like he said last night, it seems that he used to sleeping outside like that. He rarely comes home, so it was only natural that he always sleeps outside most of the time.

As soon as the five of us got into the carriage, the horses started running across the meadow.




Just like yesterday, we continued traveling across the meadow for the entire day with only a few short breaks.

At the evening, I prepared beef stew for dinner. I added more meat for Kazuul-san to express my gratitude.

Just like yesterday, he was overjoyed and refilled his bowl a few times.

Nicola also ate it a lotー No, too much. She became the resident of the toilet for a few hours after eating about five bowls of beef stew.

I wonder if she will ever learn her lesson…

The next day, we came across a herd of Grass Wolves. However, they couldn’t catch up with us because Kazuul-san’s horses were faster than them.

Thanks to that, Celine and I were able to kill them easily with Fire Arrows and Stone Bullets.

After continuing to travel for a few hours more, we could see a village surrounded by fences.

Apparently, it was our first stop, Lev Village. It was the closest village to the post town of Torfay.

There was a young man who seemed to be the gatekeeper standing by the entrance to the village. For some reason, he stared at me intensely for a second when we stopped by the gate.

「Yo, Kazuul-san. Welcome. Seems like you’re not alone today, eh?」(gatekeeper)

The gatekeeper who seemed to be around twenty years greeted Kazuul-san and glanced at us who were inside the carriage.

「Yeah, they’re my friends. Can we come in?」(Kazuul)

「Of course. I’ll let the village chief know that you have arrived.」(gatekeeper)


The young gatekeeper turned around and left us. He seemed to be heading for the village chief’s house.

Is it okay for a gatekeeper to leave strangers alone like this…?

「Alright, guys. For now, let’s head to the inn, shall we?」(Kazuul)

Seems like the gatekeeper trusts Kazuul-san completely.

We passed through the gate and headed to the inn.



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