Chapter 166 : Resonance Stones


「Delica-chanー Delica-chan, can you hear meー? Delica-chanー」(Celine)

「ー!? This voice… I can hear Celine’s voice but where is she…?」(Delica)

「H, Hey, Delica, the leather bag Celine entrusted to you is shining!」(Nei)

After we heard Delica’s voice, we heard Nei’s

Soon after, we heard a rattling sound. Looks like Delica is taking out the Resonance Stone from the leather bag.

「Whoaa, it’s shining…」(Nei)

「Celine-san? Did I hear your voice from this stone?」(Delica)

「Yup~ They’re called Resonance Stones. We can speak with each other through them. Anyway, we don’t have much time, so I’ll just say it briefly. Listen, okay~」(Celine)

「Alright, I’m listening.」(Delica)

As I thought, these stones are like phones but instead of paying with money, you pay with your mana.

It keeps sucking my mana and my head is starting to get dizzy because of that.

I still have a lot of mana but I think I will reach my limit if I keep doing this for ten minutes or so.

Celine started explaining to Delica while staring at my sweaty face.

「The nest collapsed but Mark, Nicola-chan, and I are fine. We found Jack and Luck, and I told Weikel to get out of the nest with those two quickly but are they with you?」(Celine)

「No, they haven’t come back yet.」(Delica)

「I see. Looks like we were faster than them. Don’t worry, I think they have reached the magic stone mine and will come out soon.」(Celine)

「Okay, but where are you guys?」(Delica)

「We’re at my parents’ house now~ I used a magic stone to teleport here. We’re far away from Sadola, so can you go home with them later? Weikel and his party members have to go back to Fatia Town anyway to report to the guild.」(Celine)

「Te, Teleport, huh? Alright, I understand. Is Mark really okay?」(Delica)

「Fufu. I knew you would be worried about him. Don’t worry, he’s fine. Just a little dizzy, I think. Mark, can you talk with her?」(Celine)

Certainly, I’m feeling dizzy right now but I have something I want to say to Delica.

「Yo, Delica.」(Mark)

「Mark! You’re okay, right!? You’re not hurt, right!? Nicola isn’t hurt either, right!? I was very worried because the ground suddenly started shaking!」(Delica)

From the way she talked, I know how worried she was.

Because Delica mentioned Nicola’s name, I glanced at Nicola.

She is sitting on Eclain’s lap now. Eclain is pressing her cheeks against Nicola’s while hugging her from behind.

『I won’t lose…! I won’t lose to her!!』(Nicola)

I don’t know what she’s talking about…

She has become Eclain’s doll but I think she’s fine.

「Yeah, we’re fine. Delica, when you’ve returned to Fatia, can you tell my parents that we will be a little late? I feel bad for my dad because he’s waiting for me to bring Tentacles meat.」(Mark)

「Alright, I got it.」(Delica)

「Ah, Mark, how about telling Bian about Tentacles meat? He’s a merchant, so he may be interested in distributing it to Fatia Town.」(Celine)

Suddenly, Celine interrupted our conversation with a brilliant idea.

「Oh, you’re right! Delica, can you tell him that?」(Mark)

「Okay, I’ll talk with Bian-san later.」(Delica)

「Thank you. And…」(Mark)

Ah, this is bad… I find it hard to think now…

I need to hurry…!

「And what…? Mark, are you okay?」(Delica)

「Please tell my mom and Gill oji-san to take care of my herb field and vegetable field for a while.」(Mark)


「Also, please tell Pamella to go to Sunday School even though I won’t be able to go with her. 」(Mark)

「O, Okay…」(Delica)


「There’s more!?」(Delica)

Hm? I don’t know why she sounds sullen all of a sudden, but I have to tell her this.

「Delica, I said I would always support you but I’m sorry I can’t be with you until the end of this trip…」(Mark)

「…Eh? Aa, umm… I-It’s okay… I’m grateful to you for taking me along. Thank you, Maー」(Delica)

Suddenly I felt very tired and almost passed out, and at the same time, I could no longer hear Delica’s voice.

It looks like I’ve run out of mana.

Just how much mana does this stone need…?

When I rested my cheek on the table, Celine stroked my head.

「Good job, Mark. You must be very tired.」(Celine)

「Do you still have something to tell Delica? I’m sorry…」(Mark)

「No, it’s okay. The distance between this village and the town of Sadola is very far. I think even high-ranked adventurers can only maintain it for about ten seconds before they pass out. You did really great, Mark. Moreover, we could hear Delica’s voice very clearly thanks to your strong mana. You got a perfect score from me! 10 out of 10!」(Celine)

I’m confident that I have a lot of mana, so honestly, I feel kind of frustrated right now. However, after seeing Celine’s reaction, it seems like I did well enough.

「Nee~ nee~ Celine, who is this kid exactly? Isn’t he too amazing for a child? Aah, I know! That’s why you kidnapped him!」(Eclain)

「Cut it out already! Do you wanna make your daughter a kidnaper or what!? These two are gifted children. They sometimes surprise me with their abilities.」(Celine)

「”These two”? That means, Nicola-chan too? Nee~ nee~ Nicola-chan, can you show me your Gift later~?」(Eclain)

「Un. No problem…」(Nicola)

While still being hugged by Eclain, Nicola answered with a pale face.

Apparently, she’s not used to being treated like a doll.

I can’t believe that Nicola lost to a woman…

「Well then, we just have to go back to the town of Fatia from here, but… Mark, Nicola-chan, do you mind if we stay for a few days? We need to prepare for the trip after all. Besides, I’m a little worried about this drunk old lady.」(Celine)

「Hey, did you just call me old lady!?」(Eclain)

「I don’t mind. I’d never been to a unique place like this, so I want to explore this village.」(Mark)

「I don’t mind either…」(Nicola)

A village in the middle of the forest where half-elves live… This place is just like fictional villages in fantasy stories!

I’m getting excited now!

「It’s decided then! Are you two hungry? I want to make a welcome party for you, but…」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine looked around the house.

「As you can see, there’s nothing in this house, so let’s go buy some food after you take a rest.」(Celine)


「What a rude daughter! There’s a lot of wine here, you know!」(Eclain)

Eclain complained but everyone ignored her.

Anyway, I should take a nap now. I can’t stand this fatigue any longer…



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