Chapter 11 : Magical Tomato


And after a week, the tomatoes were completely ripe.
That’s magic for you.

By the way, while growing tomatoes, I made another field next to it while practicing magic.

「Boy, try it」

Gill picked a bright red shiny tomato and handed it to me.

…….Hmph! The look is… Well, I’ll give it a pass.
BUT! Don’t think I’m like the actor in gourmet TV programs who always said “delicious~” !
Well then… here goes nothing…

I took a bite of the tomato, andー


「O, Ou… Glad for you, boy」

Gill looked a little off, but it didn’t matter for me now.
The tomato was really good!
It was totally different from the tomatoes I’ve eaten so far!

Let’s say if this was a normal tomato, that would make the tomatoes I had eaten so far a red water balloon or a rubber ball!
Well, a rubber ball was too far, but anyway, this tomato was freaking delicious!

I looked sideways and found Nicola opened her eyes wide after taking a bite on the tomato.
She was a gluttonous character who was greedy for food, but I had never seen her face like this when eating food.

『…….Say, onii-chan』

『What is it, my little sister?』

『How about you devote your life to making magical vegetables?』

I thought for a five-year-old child who had endless possibilities to devote a whole life was a little too heavy.
But, if I could sell it well, my life would be easy, right?

「Gill oji-san, how many times the price of these tomatoes compared to normal one?」

「Hmm….. I think it’s around three times. But the branded vegetables are priced more than ten times if you sell them to nobles, you know. Well, it will take time and effort though. Only professional farmers can grow such vegetables」

Ten times, huh. As expected from the professional farmers, they were on a whole different level.

But we could only sell it three times the price for now, huh?
It was good to make some pocket money, but I thought it was impossible to live an easy life just from it.

To make it more expensive, it seemed it would take more time and effort.
And I thought this was the limit if I just wanted to take the easy way.

Hmm… What should I do…
Wait, if I increase the amount, maybe…
Nah, forget about it. For now, let’s put it into my future possibilities list.

「Hm? What’s wrong, boy? You don’t want to be a farmer? Well, if you become one, you will have a lot to do….. But, you’re still young. I think you should try a lot of things. And here, take them. Bring them to your beautiful mother」

Said Gill when I was thinking.
He handed me a colander made of tree bark full of magical tomatoes.

「Thank you, Gill oji-san!」

It wasn’t that I made it all by myself, but it was my first time making something since I came to this world.
And thinking that my parents would eat the tomatoes I grew, I felt really happy.
I smiled happily like I was a normal five-year-old child.



I went home hugging the colander. Nicola followed me from behind.
The inn was quiet because it was still early for dinner.

「We’re homeー」

Mom stopped her hand from wiping the table in the dining room and approached us.

「Mark, Nicola, welcome home~ Ara, what is this…? Tomatoes?」

「The tomatoes I told you before. We harvested them today. Mom, you can have them!」

「Hhmー Ara, ara! It’s really delicious! Mark, Nicola, well done! I’m proud of you two!」

Mom hugged me and Nicola.
It was a little embarrassing, but I was happy that mom praised me.

Dad, who was preparing food in the kitchen, was surprised, opened his eyes wide after eating the tomatoes, and then he stroked our head.

It seemed both our parents were really like the magical tomatoes I and Nicola made. (Nicola also helped me sometimes to kill time)

The taste was indeed really good, but for our parents, it seemed that the most important thing was that we brought them the vegetables we made for the first time.
And I was sure mom and dad would be just as happy even if it tasted bad.

The dinner menu that day changed to the menu that used the magical tomatoes.
A very fun dinner with a very delicious meal.

The next day, we had a hard time stopping mom from trying her best to serve us her ‘creative’ dish. It seemed that she was inspired by our hard work growing tomatoes.



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