March 2023

Novice Alchemist 5-4

  Chapter 5-4 : Suspicious Guest Ⅲ   I spent a lot of money to rescue Iris-san, Kate-san and Nord-san from the cave a while ago. Nord-san spent almost all the remaining money he had to pay for Iris-san and Kate-san’s fees and all the medicines, potions, and rations they had consumed while in the …

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Novice Alchemist 5-3

  Chapter 5-3 : Suspicious Guest Ⅱ   「Certainly, considering the location and the credibility of the store, it would be best to ask your master, Ophelia Millis.」(Ferik) Sir Ferik smiled as if affirming that my words were right, but then he shook his head. 「However, things aren’t that simple in the royal capital. I …

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