January 2023

Seventh Daughter 4-1 part 2

  Chapter 4-1 : Fulfilling Desires Is More Important Than Managing A Territory (part 2)   While remembering the day Leaf enrolled in the school, Mylia was silently watching Leaf doing her thing. 「Mylia onee-chan?」(Leaf) 「Don’t mind me~」(Mylia) Leaf tilted her head and returned her gaze to the seed in her hands. (”Mylia onee-chan”, huh…? …

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Novice Alchemist 4-39

  Chapter 4-39 : Looking For An Exit Ⅲ   『It’s done!』(Kurumi) 「Umm… I’m sorry if I sound rude but… Store Owner-dono, it looks like junk…」(Iris) At first glance, the tool looked like a board with a drawing of a complicated magic pattern and other objects sticking to it in an awkward way. 『Well, unlike …

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Angel Little Sister 216

  Chapter 216 : Water Magic   「Sensei, what kind of magic are we going to practice today?」(male student) Tori-san put his index finger and thumb on his chin as a male student asked him. 「We’re going to practice water magic first, so let’s move to the river.」(Tori) 「Water magic! Awesome!」(male student) The student clenched …

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