October 2022

Novice Alchemist 4-25

  Chapter 4-25 : Career Counseling Ⅰ   「Say, Lorea-chan, why don’t you move here and live here with us from now on?」(Sarasa) 「C, Can I!?」(Lorea) Lorea-chan looked surprised but somehow I could tell that she was expecting I would say that. 「Yeah. If you’re going to continue working for me for a long time, …

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Angel Little Sister 197

  Chapter 197 : Returning To The New House   After we finished our dinner, I decided to go home to my new house. 「I’m going home now. See you tomorrow.」(Mark) 「Wait, Mark… Are you really sure?」(Celine) 「Hm?」(Mark) She must be worried if I’ll be able to live on my own or not. 「Don’t worry. …

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