September 2022

Novice Alchemist 4-20

  Chapter 4-20 : Salamander’s Cave Ⅱ   「The after-effect of the battle, you say?」(Nord) 「Yeah. When we fought the Salamander, Store Owner-dono used a high-level ice spell to freeze it.」(Iris) 「Her spell was so powerful that the whole area around here was completely covered in ice.」(Kate) Hearing Iris and Kate’s words, Nord opened his …

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Angel Little Sister 190

  Chapter 190 : The Parent And The Guardian   After parting ways with Ester, I returned to Celine’s house. When I arrived, Celine and Nicola had already woken up. They were sitting at the table in the living room. Celine, who was brushing Nicola’s hair, looked at me with an apologetic expression for some …

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Seventh Daughter 3-33

  Chapter 3-33 : Adoption   After listening to Chloe’s explanation, Mylia was finally able to understand the reason. Jasmine was the fourth daughter of the Atwood Family, but if Mylia adopted her, she would become Baron Mylia’s eldest daughter. There was a bad rumor about the second daughter of the Atwood Family that cheated …

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