Month: August 2022

Novice Alchemist 4-15

  Chapter 4-15 : Survey Expedition Ⅰ   While talking with Iris, Nord noticed something clinging to her backpack. It was Kurumi. When the two left home, Iris was so happy, saying, “It’s finally my turn to hug her!”. She was planning to hug Kurumi while walking, but then Kate persuaded her to release Kurumi …

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Angel Little Sister 183

  Chapter 183 : Exchanging Stuff At The Village Square   -The next morning- Yesterday, I overslept a little because I was tired after using the Resonance Stone, but this morning, I woke up early as usual. While rubbing my eyes, I looked at the window where the morning sunlight came through. Then, I noticed …

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Seventh Daughter 3-29

  Chapter 3-29 : Becoming Family   The next morning, Mylia decided to go home after eating breakfast. The breakfast was the fresh leaves of the World Tree and cookies made from various fruits. While enjoying the light breakfast with Leaf, Mylia called Titania with Phone Magic. (It’s still early. I wonder if Master is …

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Novice Alchemist 4-14

  Chapter 4-14 : Homunculus Ⅲ   「Gau~ Gauu~」(bear) 「Yaaaayyy! It chooses me!」(Lorea) The hands that the bear hopped into were Lorea’s. Now the bear officially has a name, which is “Kurumi”. I’m glad she didn’t choose Iris-san… */TL : from now on, I’ll refer to the bear as ‘her’ 「Kurumi, huh…? I don’t think …

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