July 2022

Angel Little Sister 176

  Chapter 176 : Battle Maniac   When I injected my mana into the glassesー 「Eh…? EEEHHHHHH!?」(Mark) ーI could see Celine and Ester’s naked bodies. This is the item Nicola wants. I can’t believe it really exists. 「Hm? Why are you suddenly shouting?」(Celine) Because I shouted all of a sudden, Celine and Ester turned their …

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Novice Alchemist 4-8 part 2

  Chapter 4-8 : Preparation Before Escorting Ⅲ (part 2)   「Umm… What are you doing…?」(Lorea) 「Ahaha…」(Sarasa) Lorea-chan approached me, crouched down and put her hand on my forehead. 「Are you okay? You don’t seem to have a cold though.」(Lorea) 「I’m fine. I just used a little too much magical power so my body feels …

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Seventh Daughter 3-23

  Chapter 3-23 : Chloe’s Speculation   It was still less than ten days since Robin came to the royal capital but she had visited various shops and bought luxurious items worth that much money. Diete couldn’t believe that such a consumptive human existed. He was taken aback, opening his mouth widely in disbelief. His …

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