June 2022

Novice Alchemist 4-2

  Chapter 4-2 : The Visit Of A Researcher Ⅰ   To simply summarize what was written in the letter of introduction, this researcher, Nord-san, is Leonora-san’s friend, and Leonora-san wants me to help him. Honestly, I don’t mind helping Leonora-san’s friend since she helped me a lot, but in the letter, she said, “You …

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Angel Little Sister 168

  Chapter 168 : Gupul Fruit   「You can make alcohol with dark element magic?」(Mark) 「Of course~ I’ll show you how I make it.」(Eclain) Without waiting for my reply, Eclain put Nicola down and walked toward the front door. Nicola reached her hand toward the door and looked at Eclain’s back with lonely eyes. 『No…! …

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Seventh Daughter 3-17

  Chapter 3-17 : Saving Jasmine   Mylia stopped right above the Atwood’s mansion. Her skirt was fluttering in the wind while she was floating in the air. (Ughh… I’m getting goosebumps now that I’m gonna enter that mansion again… I hope I won’t be found by anyone… Especially that muscle-brain…) From the sky, the …

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Novice Alchemist 4-1

  Chapter 4-1 : Prologue   「Store Owner-san, we’re home.」(Kate) 「Phew… I’m tired…」(Iris) 「Welcome home~ Glad you both returned safely.」(Sarasa) It’s been a while since we solved the Lotze Family’s debt problem. Iris-san and Kate-san have resumed their activities as Collectors like usual. Even though we solved the problem, it doesn’t mean that the Lotze …

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