May 2022

Angel Little Sister 161

  Chapter 161 : Stopping The Mother’s Movements   The remaining Mother rushed toward me like a raging bull. I quickly shot several stone bullets at it. However… DON! DON! DON! My stone bullets bounced off upon hitting its body. As I thought, the Mother’s skin is several times harder than normal Stone Lizard skin. …

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Seventh Daughter 3-10

  Chapter 3-10 : Robin’s Plan   The party venue was filled with people in their mid-teens to early twenties. However, the majority of women were teenagers. Robin, who looked mature and tall, was more conspicuous than other women. 「Onee-chan, why do you think those men are surrounding Robin?」(Mylia) While looking at the crowd of …

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Seventh Daughter 3-9 part 2

  Chapter 3-9 : Party Venue (part 2)   Mylia, Chloe and Aria entered the building after getting permission from the receptionist. Just like its gorgeous look from the outside, the inside of the building looked extravagant. The big, glittering chandelier hanging from the ceiling, good-looking young people in beautiful dresses, and the group of …

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