March 2022

Seventh Daughter 2-44

  Chapter 2-44 : To The Duke’s Mansion   After Mylia and Chloe left the audience room, Wolff talked to Mylia. 「Lady Mylia, congratulations.」(Wolff) He congratulated Mylia with a gentle smile as if he was looking at his own daughter. (Now that I looked at his face closely, he really looks like Aria-san… They’re father …

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Angel Little Sister 145

  Chapter 145 : Bian’s Gratitude   「Yahooー! He’s standing up! He’s standing up! Bian oji-chan is standing up! Yaayy!」(Nicola) 「Hahaha! Ojou-chan, are you happy that my leg is healed? Thank you!」(Bian) No, no. Oji-san, I don’t think she is genuinely happy for you. She just wanted to imitate a scene from anime… Please forgive …

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Seventh Daughter 2-43

  Chapter 2-43 : Money Or Yakiniku   After saying that she would give money to Mylia, Queen Kushana looked at the finance minister. The finance minister then nodded, went to another room, and returned with a big silver tray filled with gold coins. Meanwhile, two officials prepared a table and put it in front …

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