February 2022

Angel Little Sister 138

  Chapter 138 : Illegal   「A dwarf, huh…」(Mark) When I unintentionally muttered that, Nei approached our table. It looked like she heard my mutter. 「Are you curious about dwarves?」(Nei) 「Ah, u-umm… I’m sorry if I offended you…」(Mark) Uhh… I shouldn’t have muttered like that. It might have sounded like a racist remark… However, when …

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Novice Alchemist 3-8

  Chapter 3-8 : Recovery And Request Ⅱ   「Alright. Now I understand that Baronet Kirk is a useless lord who doesn’t care about this village. So, what do you want us to do? Well, I already have a guess though.」(Sarasa) 「That means I don’t have to say this but… I want you to do …

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Seventh Daughter 2-37 part 2

  Chapter 2-37 : The Griffith Family’s Dearest Wish (part 2)   「Yes, thanks to Mylia-san, we can finally break the petrification curse and save grandma.」(Aria) 「I see… Miss Mylia, my family is in your debt. I can’t thank you enough…」(Wolff) (Aria-san, Diana-san, Wolff-san… I’m happy for them!) Mylia was very happy that she did …

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