October 2021

Seventh Daughter 2-11

  Chapter 2-11 : Daemon’s Map   Chloe was waiting in front of the dorm tower with an Aqua Sophia banner on its wall. When Chloe saw Mylia running toward her, her chest felt warm. She recalled the scene where Mylia was running through a lavender field when they were at the Atwood Territory. Chloe …

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Blunt Weapon 94 part 1

  Chapter 94 : There’s An Ulterior Motive Behind Sweet Words (part 1)   「So, you people don’t want to obediently choose the given options…? Very well. Then I’ll just do what I’m supposed to do.」(Aspis) After seeing Cecil and Rozelia’s opposing attitude, Aspis pulled out the sword on her waist. If she has the …

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Seventh Daughter 2-10

  Chapter 2-10 : School Director’s Office   Mylia headed to the elevator that the teacher told her. While walking, she heard the joyful voices of freshmen behind her. Mylia glanced back and saw many freshmen from Magic, Knight, Commerce, and Industrial Department exchanging greetings, chatting and laughing together while following their seniors heading to …

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